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13+ Surprising High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs (2022)

Unsure of which high ticket affiliate marketing program is right for you?

You’re not alone.

A quick search for high ticket affiliate program options leads you to think the only high-paying affiliate programs available are in the web hosting, VPN, or SaaS worlds.

While you can make a lot of money online that way, it begs the question…

If everybody follows the same advice, how can someone who isn’t a super affiliate succeed?

This post will show you 14 big ticket affiliate programs that are a bit off the beaten path but can still make an affiliate marketer some serious passive income.

Before we get into that, we need to define some terms to make sure we’re all on the same page.

Ready to begin?

Let’s go.

As a result, a single high ticket product sale can often earn an affiliate marketer hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in commissions.

Many programs pay a recurring commission, thus making it an endless income stream for as long as the customer subscribes to the affiliate offer.

One word of warning — just because the product is a high ticket item doesn’t mean you’ll earn a hefty commission.

With a 0.5% commission, selling a $1000 product earns you a whopping $5 — and some products pay nothing.

Anyway, among the products and services that fall into the high ticket affiliate category are:

And many more.

Almost every niche has at least one high ticket affiliate product. 

Many people confuse digital marketing and affiliate marketing.

And while the terms are often used interchangeably, they’re actually two distinct disciplines.

Simply put, digital marketing uses digital technologies to convey promotional messages to the public.

Those technologies could be websites, phones, tablets, or similar devices.

Some of the ways you could convey those promotional messages include:

And many others.

In other words, digital marketing is like any other type of marketing but done online.

And high ticket digital marketing uses digital technologies to market upper-end products and services to the public.

Low ticket items are great for beginners to learn the affiliate marketing ropes.

These products have broad appeal and are easily promoted via email marketing, content marketing, and social media.

They are often impulse purchases too.

The downside is that making a decent income takes a lot of sales.

The competition is intense as well.

On the other hand, high ticket items are generally higher quality but appeal to a narrow niche.

They require a lot more relationship-building and sales skills. You need to know how to connect with people and close the sale.

High-end customers know they will pay more and expect top-notch customer service.

The good news is that they are not as price-sensitive as low ticket clients.

One downside to selling upscale goods is that acceptance into high ticket affiliate programs.

For understandable reasons, high ticket merchants only want to deal with marketers that will protect and enhance their brand’s image and reputation.

That’s often difficult for someone starting out or with a small audience.

It’s always not an either/or situation.

Both have their place. If it’s possible, try to combine them.

Build trust with lower-priced offerings and introduce higher-priced options when you can.

In reality, there’s no limit to your income potential. Top-level marketers like Pat Flynn and Neil Patel earn well into seven-figures per year.

Admittedly, Pat and Neil are outliers.

However, their success shows that it’s possible to make a substantial income with affiliate marketing.

Below are 13 high-paying affiliate commission programs to consider.

This list is not exhaustive by any means. There are many more lucrative affiliate programs out there to choose from.

We do not receive a referral commission from any of these programs.

These are not recommendations either.

Think of them as ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Offering a full range of fitness, cardio, and strength equipment, they have virtually everything someone would need to create a personalized home gym.

To help sell equipment, they also offer a financing plan.

The cookie is good for 30 days. Commissions start at 3%.

They offer programs in debt relief, credit counseling, settlement, and negotiation, in addition to bankruptcy services and loan programs.

Affiliates can earn up to $600 per enrollment, and the cookie never expires.

They also have other ways to make money too.

They offer cameras, motion detectors, hazard detectors (ex., carbon monoxide), home automation, and accessories.

Affiliates can earn $125 per sale with a 20-day cookie.

When I asked the company for clarification on their commissions, here was their response:

And here are a few more details about their affiliate program:

Maybe the outdoor living niche is more your thing?

If so, selling custom-designed outdoor structures would do wonders for your bottom line.

While definitely a more seasonal offering, a few 10% commission checks will make the winter months easier to handle.

The cookie is good for 90 days.

Affiliate marketers catering to small businesses have a wide variety of potential products and services.

Back office help is one of them.

Affiliates can earn $100 per sale and $50 per lead with a generous 120-day cookie.

When we say high-end, we mean high-end. Almost $11,000 for a sectional couch, $5800 for an area rug, and over $900 for a table lamp.

With a commission rate up to 10%, it won’t take many sales to provide a pretty sizable income. The one drawback, however, is a relatively short cookie — 5 days.

No discussion on high ticket products would be complete without including jewelry.

If you target the wedding niche, this affiliate program blends nicely with wedding dresses, honeymoon destinations, and other things a bride and groom might be interested in on their special day.

In the world of luxury travel, it doesn’t get more upscale than a yacht.

If you’re in the travel niche and are not marketing yacht cruises, you’re missing the boat (see what I did there?)

Believe it or not, chartering a yacht is price competitive with traditional cruise ships… without the crowds too.

Affiliate earnings start at around $1250 per booking and can earn lifetime commissions.

Your cookie never expires!

Looking for something that helps people manage stress and provides pain relief?

Massage chairs are a great way to help others while making some serious income with this high ticket affiliate product.

Some chairs sell for over $13,000. With an average order value of $3500, a 5% commission rate gives you a nice $175 payday with a 30-day cookie.

As part of a holistic health niche site, you could do very well selling this upscale product.

Want to make some serious money selling mattresses?

They sell more than just mattresses, too: bed frames, bedding, pillows, and even dog beds.

If you’re in any niche that involves sleep or bedroom furniture, this affiliate program needs to be part of your offerings.

Unfortunately, the 20% commission rate only applies to mattresses.

But with the lowest-priced mattress being a bit less than $1500, making almost $300 per sale will still make your bank account smile.

Cookie length is unknown.

Specializing in precious metals and cryptos, Regal offers clients a range of investment options, including IRAs.

While promoting affiliate opportunities in the health and wealth space is always tricky, if you can successfully navigate the hazards, an affiliate program like Regal may be a winning ticket.

Qualified leads earn an affiliate $30 or $100 and a percentage (1-3%) of a qualified investment current and in the future.

Cookie length is unlimited.

Are you interested in making serious money in the online business and marketing education niche?

The commission structure is simple: $20 for an introductory sale, $200 for an “Essentials” sale, and $20/month on all active subscriptions.

The cookie lasts for 30 days.

Want to earn serious money selling solar products from a well-known name?

A single sale earns $300 for each solar panel and solar roof referral.

Since this is a referral program, there is no cookie. You’ll get a special link to share with interested prospects.

Although a software program, this last one is different from the usual SaaS affiliate programs you see.

It helps creators better understand their audience and optimize content through keyword optimization and advanced analytics.

While the monthly user fee is modest, if you’re trying to market content on YouTube, you need to have your finger on the pulse of your audience at all times.

Once people start using TubeBuddy, they literally can’t afford to stop.

Earn up to 30% with residual commissions and a lifetime cookie.

You won’t make much money per user. You’ll make money over time through your cut of the monthly subscription fee.

It’s highly unlikely you’ll build a profitable business with just one affiliate program, no matter how well it pays.

You’ll need to offer various products and services for your audience.

Go to your favorite search engine, and type “Best Paying Home Security Affiliate Programs” (or whatever your niche may be), and see what’s available.

Because every search engine uses a slightly different algorithm, try a few of them to find other opportunities.

Another method is to join an affiliate network and look over the offerings in your desired niche.

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned pro, there is a high ticket affiliate marketing program for you.

And new high paying affiliate programs are popping up all the time.

Sign up for a few of them, start promoting, and begin making some serious passive income!

You got this.

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