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Survey: More Than 70% of Salvadorans Believe the Bitcoin Law Has Not Improved Their Personal Finances

A recent survey has offered some insight into the real opinions Salvadorans have about the implementation of the Bitcoin Law in the country. The survey, carried out by the University Institute of Public Opinion of the José Simeón Cañas Central American University, found that most Salvadorans believe the inclusion of bitcoin as legal tender, through the approval of the Bitcoin Law last year, has not improved their personal economic situation.

When asked about which benefits the Bitcoin Law, which approved the use of bitcoin as legal tender in the country, had brought to the familiar economy of Salvadorans, 71.1% of the 1,272 citizens surveyed answered that it had brought no benefits at all for them. 12.8% believed that this measure had brought few benefits to their economic situation, while 8.9% are sure that the Bitcoin Law brought at least some benefits to their personal finances.

Only 6.1% answered that bitcoin had brought a lot of benefits to them.

The survey also delved into the opinion that the Salvadoran people have about the relationship between the management of President Nayib Bukele and bitcoin in the country. The appreciation of Bukele in the country is still very good, with 68 of each 100 Salvadorans stating that the government has been managing things well in the third year of its mandate.

While most Salvadorans did not identify any failure in the government of Bukele, the approval of the Bitcoin Law and the investments that President Bukele has made purchasing bitcoin were second in the items identified as failures, with 3.9% of the surveyed identifying them negatively.

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