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10 browser extensions that will take your online security to the next level

Avast is one of the more well-known and well-respected security software developers out there, and this simple add-on will bring some peace of mind to your online travels. It ranks sites for safety using its database of known threats and bad actors, so you know you’re not being duped into a phishing scam or being force-fed malware. If you’re going to a site that’s a known threat, a warning will pop up before the page loads. As an added bonus, these rankings will show up alongside search results for Google and Bing so you’ll know which ones are safe to click.
Ghostery aims to shine a light on how aggressively marketers try to track you across multiple sites, and to stop it when necessary. This extension provides a breakdown of the tracking scripts and technologies on every web page you visit, automatically blocking the most pervasive trackers that monitor your activity across multiple sites. This, in turn, limits the information pages can gather about you and speeds up your browsing at the same time (because less code is being loaded and processed). If you trust a site, you can make it exempt from Ghostery’s script-blocking.

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