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Zoe Wins Nerdwallet’s 2022 Best Online Financial Advisor Award

Zoe, a digital wealth planning platform that connects clients with interest-aligned financial advisors, was awarded Nerdwallet’s 2022 Best Online Financial Advisor.

Nerdwallet’s Best-Of awards started with the purpose of giving clients the tools to take control of their money and their financial decisions. Winners are selected by a group of over 48 writers and editors who have years of experience in equipping clients with more objective information to make the right money moves.

Zoe’s mission is to make wealth creation tailored and convenient through exceptional client experience and innovative technology. “To achieve this purpose, the client has been the North Star since day one. That’s our MO. We are transparent with our clients, we fight for them, and we seek to delight them,” said Andres Garcia-Amaya, CFA®, Founder of Zoe Financial.

Referring to the award, Garcia-Amaya added, “2021 was a big year for Zoe, and this award is a reflection of it. When you have an entire team of people committed to the company and its growth, big things happen! Without the hard work and consistent effort of every person, this wouldn’t have been possible.” Alongside the announcement of this achievement, Zoe made public some of the milestones their team accomplished throughout the last year.

Aside from helping thousands of clients across the country to find and hire the ideal financial advisor for them, Zoe hit $1.5 billion in Assets Under Administration, shortly after raising a $10 million Series A investment round, led by SoftBank’s Opportunity Fund, enabling them to continue their platform development and team growth. As a matter of fact, the Zoe team grew 3x during 2021. Most notably including the addition of two new leadership team members, Christy Matzen, CFP®, as Director of Financial Planning, and Rajesh Gaur, CFA®, as Head of Investment Solutions.

Having a consumer-centric strategy, Zoe released several product features, including the Financial Snapshot Tool that enables users to uncover important financial insights into their lives.

Additionally, Zoe welcomed several interest-aligned firms into their meticulously vetted network. Some of the new partnerships are Modera Wealth, Vista Wealth Management, Alchemist Wealth, Perigon Wealth Management, Mercer Advisors, Better Money Decisions, Farther, Forum, Commas, among others. Moreover, to enable the advisors in their network to deliver a better experience to their clients, during 2021, Zoe started collaborating with software and investment solution partners such as Ethic, Betterment for Advisors, and Wealthbox.

“While 2021 was a great year, we’re just getting started. Many wealth management players are still antiquated, cookie-cutter, and ridden with hidden fees. Building wealth shouldn’t be inaccessible, ineffective, or costly. People deserve better. In 2022, and the years to come, we’re committed to delivering on our promise to move mountains to help people grow their wealth with clarity and ease. We’re Zoe,” said Andres Garcia-Amaya, CFA®.
About Zoe

Zoe was founded with one mission: make wealth creation tailored and convenient through exceptional client service and innovative technology. The company’s algorithm removes the friction from choosing a financial advisor. Through Zoe’s platform, you will be matched with Zoe Certified Financial Advisors across the United States, based on your unique financial situation and objectives. Zoe’s thoughtfully curated network of interest-aligned financial advisors and financial planners includes only the top 5% in the country.

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