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Zebedee Inks Deal With Mobile Game Studio Viker to Add BTC Rewards to Solitaire, Sudoku, Missing Letters

Seven days after the financial technology and bitcoin payments firm Zebedee announced it secured a $35 million capital raise, the company has revealed a new partnership deal with the mobile game studio Viker. The two companies have enhanced three classic video games with Zebedee’s bitcoin reward mechanics which include “Solitaire,” “Sudoku,” and the game “Missing Letters.”

Zebedee and Viker have partnered in the past as the bitcoin rewards mechanism has been implemented in games like “Wheel of Trivia,” “Amazeballs,” and “Balls King,” which are available to play on iOS and Android devices. The success behind those games prompted the two companies to integrate BTC payments into classic mobile games that have been popular for the last decade. The three newly enhanced games include “Sudoku,” “Solitaire,” and “Missing Letters,” a game that’s similar to the mobile application “Wordle.”

During the announcement on Tuesday, Dan Beasley, the co-founder of Viker, said the company is a big believer in play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics in games. “These games are played literally by billions of people, for hundreds of hours over many years,” Beasley said. “But so far, none of them have been able to earn anything for their time. Why continue that, when we’re now in an era where games can reward you with more than just fun?” Beasley continued his statement by adding:

We have the largest play-and-earn portfolio of casual games, with 500k players earning bitcoin every month, while continuously releasing new games and enhancing the experience for our users. We believe Viker can bridge the gap between gaming and crypto, through a seamless journey that enables anyone and everyone to have fun, earn money [and] safely enter the crypto world.

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