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WISMOlabs and Wizmo Elevate Package Tracking

The partnership offers a look at the new "post-purchase experience" for consumers and retailers

WISMOlabs has spent five years perfecting software that better connects customers to e-commerce packages. The average customer checks tracking seven times before a package arrives and manages the returns process at a later date. A high-end digital experience between the customer and all physical order activity is a hot new must for retailers and consumers. 


“The flow of package data to end-customers is more important than speed of the delivery or the end-carrier partner the package delivers with,” said Craig Radford – CEO Wizmo Solutions Inc. Radford’s five-year-old logistics firm, Wizmo Solutions Inc., helps retailers and other logistics intermediaries reroute deliveries through a system of trucks, planes and conveyor belt warehouses along the U.S. & Canadian border. They are then entered into a network of last-mile delivery partners.


Radford continues, “We have found that our databases and those of our partners were rich with physical data points that were hidden from the tracking page. We are changing that. When a typical e-commerce package passes through various trucking and warehousing phases most data is lost between firms and not shared with customers. These are not just tracking milestones but photos and machine data in other formats. Customers require this information to be broadcast back to them in new flexible ways such as SMS, native apps, interactive maps and social media. “WISMOlabs had the same visions we had for the future of e-commerce delivery. We have partnered with them and they will represent our most customizable and powerful tracking partner. Now, the largest e-commerce brands and logistics companies in our network can broadcast new data points to help their customers resolve their own tracking inquiries without reaching out to the retailer.” 


With more small regional players making deliveries, tracking data is often incomplete or confusing. Wizmo Solutions Inc. and WISMOlabs close the gap by broadcasting milestones & AI predictions of estimated delivery times. “The largest retailers are no longer using just UPS, or the Post Office directly; they are now using logistical intermediaries like Wizmo,” says WISMOlabs CEO and Founder Dmitri Rassadinke. “There needed to be better support for entities that are not common carriers. Together with Wizmo, we are able to provide better data to end customers.” For retailers, it is not just the tracking data, but also the advertising piece that counts. When consignees check their tracking, the retailer needs to redirect them to future purchase opportunities. “Today if you cannot reapproach your customer at the tracking page, you don’t own your relationship with the customer and you are behind,” said Rassadinke. With firms like Amazon or even Shopify’s SHOP app absorbing the tracking experience for themselves, this offers a refreshing alternative. When retailers direct customers to UPS or FedEx’s tracking page, they are throwing away valuable client interaction opportunities. There is a better way to do it. The partnership between WISMOlabs and Wizmo represents an example of the new era in independent online retailing where stores get back ownership of the customer shipping and tracking experience.

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