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Why E-Commerce Enterprises Are Adopting Apple Business Chat

Nowadays, more people worldwide access the internet through their phone than any other way. According to StatCounter, mobile internet usage first overtook desktop use in 2017, and now 56% of all internet use is through a mobile device. That means any e-commerce brand that isn’t catering to mobile shopping is missing out on a potential majority of their customers.

Adding Apple Business Chat into e-commerce customer journeys makes it easier to get support questions answered and make purchases seamlessly. Making the most out of Apple Business Chat can help make for a more intuitive purchasing experience for every customer with an iPhone.

What is Apple Business Chat?

Apple Business Chat allows consumers and businesses to connect directly through iMessage. After discovering a business by searching via Safari, Maps, Spotlight or more, a message icon will appear next to the options to call or visit the company’s website. With the tap of a button, customers are able to access the 24/7 Apple Business Chat experience, with the same look and feel as person-to-person iMessages, just more powerful.

It’s more powerful because from this chat, customers can schedule and cancel appointments, get more information, and make purchases directly via Apple Pay. Apple Business Chat also has the benefit of being able to respond to messages when and where the customer wants, just like normal messaging.

Benefits of Apple Business Chat for E-commerce

While Apple Business Chat is revolutionary for customers, it can also make a huge difference in how e-commerce brands operate.

Shopping online can be cumbersome. The small mobile screen can make viewing products and completing purchases challenging, especially when people need to fill out payment information. Apple Business Chat helps overcome these challenges with seamless Apple Pay integration.

When Apple Business Chat is used for the entire buyer journey, from awareness to purchase, the process becomes quicker, easier and more convenient than traditional online shopping. Apple Business Chat was also designed to customize product offerings to customers based on their wants and needs, triggering re-engagement and repeat purchases.

Apple Business Chat offers an augmented reality (AR) feature. This is a realistic shopping experience that allows customers to preview products in their own home or environment prior to purchasing. AR can help increase customer engagement, reach new customers, reduce the amount of returns, and increase conversions and sales.

The chat functionality can help reduce call center costs and boost productivity, since customers can be more self-sufficient through chat and are less likely to have problems with their purchase or the process.
Retailers Currently using Apple Business Chat

Since Apple Business Chat debuted in 2018, it has been adopted by leading e-commerce brands as well as traditional brick-and-mortar companies expanding their online offerings. Some brands that have adopted the messaging tool include the e-commerce giant Shopify, as well as and Freshly, while traditional retailers ranging from Burberry and West Elm to Best Buy and Home Depot have also taken advantage of Apple Business Chat.

Brands that are high end or mass market, and tech-forward or brick and mortar, can all benefit from adopting Apple Business Chat — the key is to ensure that your brand’s voice and goals are carried throughout the chat responses.


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