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What Is Catdi EDDM Marketing And How Could It Help Your Small Business

Having a small business to manage would entail hiring the right people to carry out various tasks, such as day-to-day production and customer service. But, many entrepreneurs choose to handle major tasks, such as accounting and digital marketing, to save money on employee salary, which could compromise the quality of products and services. As well, a small business customer base is quite limited to the local people where the business is physically located, affecting sales, revenue, and growth. All of these things are good reasons why it’s a smart move for a small business owner to utilize Catdi EDDM marketing. But, what is EDDM campaign and how could it help small businesses? Read on!

Catdi is a printing service company and a trusted partner of the United States Postal Mail Service in implementing the Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM program. This direct mail service program aims to help small businesses promote their products and services in a cost-effective manner.

EDDM postcard marketing, such as Catdi EDDM marketing, is a great tool to help increase your sales qualified leads or people who are already decided to buy your product or avail of your service with just a little push. With Catdi EDDM marketing, you’re able to reach potential, new, and loyal customers, and accomplish your business goals as planned.

This marketing strategy is highly recommended for small businesses, such as retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants, plumbing and electrical contractors, home improvement services, law firms, financial services, and medical professionals, to name a few. Of course, large businesses can also use this marketing tool to engage and retain more customers.

It is an effective marketing strategy for small businesses to help increase leads, attract more customers, and gain more profits, without collecting their information directly from consumers. With better tracking and control offered by EDDM, you’ll realize that this marketing strategy is very effective.

An EDDM campaign allows you to try different mailer info, formats, and designs, and find out what mailers are effective in a certain geographical location. For instance, you can send out flyers in small batches and monitor your sales within your desired timeframe. You can make the necessary adjustments if your target goal is not attained after that time.

Create Catdi EDDM marketing campaigns via the USPS portal or use an online or local printing service to manage printing and mailing your direct mail pieces. You may include relevant information about your small business, such as your vision and mission, organizational profile, services, new products, promo codes, coupons, and event invitations.

Choosing Catdi Printing can help you send high-quality promotional materials through EDDM, such as:

Full letters

Catdi EDDM marketing is a direct mail service marketing strategy that allows small business owners to send direct mailers to their target audience without paying for a mailing list. It’s a cost-effective solution that also promotes scalability and better control and tracking for your sales and marketing efforts. With Catdi EDDM, you’ll be able to know what mailers work best for your small business that can drive more traffic and sales.

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