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Waste Sense Working Towards a Sustainable Future

Independent waste broker, Waste Sense, works proactively with clients to divert waste from landfill into recycling markets.

As an independent waste broker, there is no incentive for Waste Sense to send waste to the tip if it can be avoided. As a market leader providing waste management services Melbourne-wide, Waste Sense says almost a third of their services involve recycled waste.


According to Waste Sense, many people don’t realise that recycling goes beyond paper and cardboard. It’s also important to dispose of organic waste to help reduce waste to landfill. Organic waste is sometimes called food waste or green waste and makes up a large portion of collected residual waste, yet it is one of the least recycled waste streams in Australia. In fact, Australian Government bodies have conducted bin audits that indicate up to 60% of waste sent to landfills is organic waste.


Waste Sense says with around half of Australia’s waste able to be converted into compost and returned to soil systems, Waste Sense says businesses can reduce the release of methane and leachate in landfill sites by better managing their organic waste.


Committed to ensuring that recycling is made as easy as possible, Waste Sense works with their clients to help them understand how to better manage their waste and make more sustainable choices. Many are surprised to learn that recycling doesn’t necessarily mean a steep increase in waste disposal costs. Waste Sense says in some instances, organics recycling may actually be cheaper or cost comparable to disposing food through a general waste stream.


Not only does recycling organic waste reduce the amount of waste headed for landfill, but this type of waste is useful for creating composted soil conditioner, raw mulch, composted mulch, manufactured soil and potting soil, while also having the potential to produce energy.


Offering independent and unbiased advice on waste solutions, Waste Sense takes the time to understand individual business needs and conducts audits on current processes before providing the most cost-effective recycling and waste management program for each client.


To discuss waste management Melbourne solutions, contact Waste Sense.

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