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Viral Hero Turns Kitten Rescue Into an Award-Winning Children’s Book Series

After becoming a viral sensation for rescuing a kitten that had been glued to a road in Oregon, Chuck Hawley and his rescued friend, Sticky,

 Sticky the Kitty and his super-hero dad, Chuck Hawley, have a new claim to fame: award-winning Children’s Books. “Sticky” got his name along with a new lease on life, when Chuck Hawley found him in 2018, covered in a rubber cement type of glue, and stuck to a busy road near Salem, Oregon. After stopping traffic to peel Sticky’s paws off the pavement, Chuck took him to the vet to get him cleaned up and the rest is viral history. As the story of the two new friends became an international sensation, Chuck began to receive tens of thousands of messages on social media. One message in particular, caught Chuck’s attention. The writer of this message wrote of how he had been struggling with mental health issues and having lost all hope, had been contemplating suicide. A photo that popped up on this mans computer screen, of a tiny kitten looking at a human being with such trust and admiration had given this man enough hope to decide to seek help. He thanked Chuck for saving his life. It was this message that set Chuck on a mission. A mission of giving hope and encouragement to the “underdogs” of the world. He set off writing a series of books he hoped would help children and adults through their own ‘sticky situations’. And they worked.


Fast forward three years and the books have become an underground hit around the world, aiding teachers in their classrooms, therapists in their daily sessions, and are enjoyed by families in all 50 states and over 20 countries worldwide. The books are used everywhere from an Autistic Academy in Kentucky to a school in Kenya teaching lessons on kindness to teaching English in an orphanage in Pakistan. No matter where the books end up, the common result seems to be smiles. When asked how that makes him feel, Chuck responds saying, “What better job is there than smile maker? I’ll take it!”


Surprised by the success of the books himself, Chuck continues, “I could have never imagined how that little kitten would change my life, but he definitely changed my life. I’m just grateful and humbled by each and every person this story and these books help. I want the underdogs to know they can win, and what bigger underdog is there than a kitten, glued to a road?”

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