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Vintage Wine Estates marks eight years and one million meals donated through its Angels Share campaign to fight food insecurity

Vintage Wine Estates, Inc. (NASDAQ: VWE) (TSX: VWE.U) (TSX: VWE.WT.U) (“VWE” or the “Company”), one of the fastest-growing wine producers in the U.S. with an industry leading direct-to-customer platform announced a milestone of one million meals donated by its Angels Share campaign to fight food insecurity.

Angels Share is the small portion of wine in the barrel that is lost to evaporation—winemakers like to call it a donation to the angels. Eight years ago, Vintage Wine Estates (VWE) created a campaign, called Angels Share, to support neighbors in need with holiday boxes of healthy food. Ever since, in partnership with the Redwood Empire Food Bank, employees have gathered in lieu of a holiday party to pack food—using the production line and boxes typically used for wine.

Angels Share, Vintage Wine Estates’ campaign to help end food insecurity, celebrates one million meals served.

“With a virtual event last year, we regrouped in 2021 under Covid-safe protocols to once again have an in-person packing event at our Santa Rosa warehouse,” explained Katy Long, VWE Director of Angels Share. “With a smaller crew we still managed to pack 3,000 boxes in well under three hours and sent them off in our trucks to our neighbor, Redwood Empire Food Bank (REFB), for distribution this holiday season.”

Since its inception, Angels Share has provided over one million meals—not only to REFB, which serves California communities from the Oregon border to the North Bay, but to nine other food banks in Colorado, Maryland, Alabama, South Carolina, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Food insecurity is a national challenge and with the support of Angels Share and VWE’s nationwide network of distributors, retailers and restaurants, the food needs of seniors, families and those in need, especially in these challenging pandemic times, will be met.

VWE also lends a hand to REFB throughout the year in the form of thousands of gently used wine boxes, upcycled and donated to pack food.

“We are grateful to VWE for its leadership and ongoing hands-on commitment to help stop hunger in our community.” said Lisa Cannon, Director of Programs for Redwood Empire Food Bank. “Neighbors helping neighbors—that’s what it’s about.”

About Vintage Wine Estates, Inc.
Vintage Wine Estates is a family of wineries and wines whose mission is to produce the finest quality wines and provide incredible customer experiences with wineries throughout Napa, Sonoma, California’s Central Coast, Oregon and Washington State. Since its founding 20 years ago, the Company has grown to be the 15th largest wine producer in the U.S. selling more than two million nine-liter equivalent cases annually. To consistently drive growth, the Company curates, creates, stewards and markets its many brands and services to customers and end consumers via a balanced omni-channel strategy encompassing direct-to-consumer, wholesale and exclusive brand arrangements with national retailers. While VWE is diverse across price points and varietals with over 50 brands ranging from $10 to $150 at retail, its primary focus is on the fastest growing premium segment of the wine industry with the majority of brands selling in the $10 to $20 price range.


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