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Tron’s USDD Regains Stability After Tapping an All-Time Low at $0.92

Between June 13 and June 27, or roughly two weeks, Tron’s stablecoin USDD dropped lower than the $1 parity and slipped to a low of $0.928 per unit on June 19. During the past seven days, USDD has managed to jump back to the $0.98 to $0.99 region while reaching $1 on July 3.

On June 18, the crypto economy shuddered and around 2 p.m. (ET), BTC hit a 2022 low at $17,593 per unit. The following day, Tron’s USDD hit the stablecoin’s all-time low at $0.928 per unit.

Eight days later, on June 27, USDD managed to get back to the $0.98 to $0.99 range, and it’s been trading for that price ever since, with one brief spike to $1 per unit on July 3. While the stablecoin had a two-week run below the normal rate, the Tron Reserve DAO continued to add more collateral to the project.

Assets include 10.874 billion tron, 14,040.6 bitcoin, 140 million tether, and 990 million usd coin. When USDD saw a lower price value than usual for two weeks during the crypto market downturn, a couple of other stablecoins also dropped to lower values than usual.

What do you think about USDD climbing back to the $0.98 to $0.99 region? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.


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