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Track everything you do in life with these 7 apps

Your streaming music service of choice probably does a good job of tracking what you’ve listened to (and using that information to make recommendations), but can log your listening habits across multiple services and platforms, creating a more comprehensive picture. is simple, and you may not even need to download the app—it’s built into Spotify, for example. As it collects your data, you will be able to see your favorite artists, albums, and songs over days, months, and years, and get some smart new music recommendations, too.
Google Maps can log places you’ve been, and prompt you to rate and review them. If you want to retrace your steps by month, year, or day, you can check out the Timeline option on the web or in the app. Just go to the main menu (your avatar in the upper left corner) and choose Your Timeline.

In addition to letting you reminisce about journeys past, Google uses this data to recommend new places that match what you’ve previously liked. Maps will not automatically log your location history—it’s off by default and you’ll have to turn the feature on. But if at any point you think this is a bit creepy, you can opt to turn tracking off whenever you want.

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