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Toronto Manufacturer Metaline Extends Capabilities with First-of-its-Kind CNC Machine

Metaline is proud to announce its investment in cutting-edge manufacturing technology to deliver extended capabilities and unsurpassed precision in the fabrication of metal parts and components. As part of its full 2021 inventory upgrade, Metaline has added advanced machinery, which includes the ByStar Fiber – a first-of-its-kind CNC machine in Canada that not only delivers superior cutting performance, but boasts zero gas emissions and reduced energy consumption.

As an innovative leader in metal fabrication, Metaline strives to stay at the forefront of manufacturing technology. The investment in increased automation, along with the introduction of zero-emission, green machinery further solidifies Metaline’s position in the industry. Furthermore, the high-accuracy cuts of the new ByStar Fiber generate up to 50% less metal waste during operations, while delivering unsurpassed precision.

The new machinery brings a higher level of automation to metal fabrication and enables maximum flexibility, regardless if clients need a prototype, or a full production run. This new level of efficiency will also enable Metaline to take on time-sensitive projects. From a single model, to high-volume production, these major upgrades provide high-speed processing and exacting accuracy in order to deliver maximum productivity at minimum costs per part.

The extended capabilities allow Metaline to offer higher quality parts and protypes to clients in a faster and more cost-effective way in order to give clients a competitive advantage. The new equipment has enabled Metaline to scale its metal fabrication operations in order to fulfill orders at an unparalleled pace, while the benefits of the part quality and process reliability extend to the clients to deliver parts at significantly reduced costs.

Renowned for reliability, this new lineup of machinery enables Metaline to reach tighter tolerances and to deliver pieces to exacting client standards, particularly in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and construction, where high-precision parts are critical.

The new equipment will accelerate operations in Metaline’s high-volume, high-production environment. The ByStar Fibre features advanced lasers for clean-cut edges and excels at cutting both thick and thin metals – cutting up to 30mm thickness for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, and up to 15mm for brass and copper. The new 3-axis CNC milling machine provides a 12k rpm, high-speed spindle with quick tool changes for reduced cycle times. Metaline’s new CNC lathe is an automated turning center with a pre-configured part loader, featuring a large spindle bore for increased bar capacity up to 2.5” and a chuck size of 8.3” to accommodate larger parts.

Metaline has been fabricating high quality metal products for over 10 years, and this equipment adds new a level of manufacturing capabilities, placing Metaline in a class of its own. Companies looking to outsource their production can contact Metaline at or visit for more information.


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