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Top 5 Crypto Podcasts in 2022

As market participants flock to alternative investments, whether by launching DIY real estate ventures or taking advantage of diversified

As market participants flock to alternative investments, whether by launching DIY real estate ventures or taking advantage of diversified, multi-asset offerings on platforms like Yieldstreet, the formerly niche world of cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly attractive. But while curiosity is certainly on the rise, the sheer novelty and high-risk perception of crypto remains the primary barrier to wider spread adoption, and many newcomers to the space will need to do a fair amount of research before adding the asset class to their portfolios. 


Luckily, even if you feel like you missed out on Bitcoin’s emergence, there are many excellent crypto focused podcasts which are frequently as entertaining as they are educational. Whether you’re simply fascinated by the crypto space, or looking for valuable insights to inform your investment strategy, here are Yieldstreet’s top 5 crypto podcasts to check out in 2022. 


CRYPTO 101 – Hosted by Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone, both experts in the realm of crypto development, trading, and research, Crypto 101 bills itself as a straightforward guide to cryptocurrency trading for beginners. From simplified discussions of the basics, to comprehensive analysis of news reports and the ongoing state of the market, newcomers will experience an engaging and worthwhile introduction into cryptocurrencies. 


Tales From the Crypt – While the clever callback to late-eighties horror in the title will likely be lost on younger listeners, the enigmatic delivery of host Marty Bent makes Tales from the Crypt an attractive option for investors of all ages. Featuring conversations focused specifically on Bitcoin, Bent and his guests unpack a range of topics from the political implications of Bitcoin’s energy use to the complex inner workings of blockchain technology. 


Unchained – Considering her credentials, it is no surprise that former senior Forbes editor Laura Shin’s Unchained is one of the most popular and informative crypto podcasts available today. Described by Shin herself as “a no-hype resource for all things crypto,” the show features once-a-week, hour-long conversations and interviews with long-established crypto enthusiasts and industry players, providing deep dives into the latest news and exclusive developments in the crypto landscape. 


What Bitcoin Did – Peter McCormack’s What Bitcoin Did is considered by many as the absolute go-to podcast for beginners looking to learn more about the world’s original cryptocurrency. McCormack demonstrates a knack for communicating the complex technical aspects of crypto in a way that is easy for the average listener to digest, and many herald the podcast for its uncharacteristically balanced approach, as the host often readily engages in conversations with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency critics. 


The Breakdown – Featured on CoinDesk’s exclusive Podcast Network, Nathaniel Whittemore’s The Breakdown is a great way for beginners and seasoned investors alike to keep track of recent developments and analysis in the crypto space. With two episodes of around 15 minutes released daily, Whittemore’s podcast is a superior option for those looking for convenient, to-the-point updates that won’t impede on their busy schedules. 

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