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Tibbs Paving announces a new, emergency asphalt-repair service. Infrared Asphalt Repair technology is one part of a recent $1 million investment in equipment.

Tibbs Paving announces Infrared Asphalt Repair, a new service to make emergency asphalt repairs, even during the coldest months. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, “Growing wear and tear to our nation’s roads has left 43% of our public roadways in poor or mediocre condition.”

Commercial properties and municipalities have pavement failures, especially during the winter.
With Infrared Asphalt technology, Tibbs Paving can fix failures immediately, preventing further deterioration and reducing liabilities for pedestrians and vehicles.
During the cold-weather months, water and temperature changes can exacerbate pavement failures. When asphalt pavement has cracks, water can penetrate the surface. When that water freezes, it expands, increasing the size of the cracks. As this process repeats itself, the deterioration continues and washes out the asphalt subbase. When the subbase washes out, potholes develop.

“Infrared Asphalt Repair Technology enables us to heat up the existing, deteriorating asphalt area. We apply additional asphalt to that location, regrade it and then compact it. Fixing asphalt failures immediately contains the damage and prevents the expansion of deterioration. This extends the asphalt’s life so you don’t have to excavate the area immediately.” – James Glotfelty, Sales Manager, Tibbs Paving

Infrared technology is part of a $1 million recent investment in equipment made by Virginia-based Tibbs Paving. As a capital-intensive company, Tibbs Paving is constantly investing in new equipment and the latest technology.

With 25+ years of experience, Tibbs Paving is dedicated to meeting the paving needs of their commercial clients year-round.

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This winter, Infrared Asphalt Repair is a welcome addition to the services that help customers manage their paved assets

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