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The unofficial list of the world’s most colorful places

This “study” was done by the strangest group imaginable: the mortgage comparison team at Uswitch. I can only speculate that it was some kind of Friday afternoon marketing Hail Mary—but however they managed to convince management to sign off on it, we’re writing about it.

The study used a “seed list” of 20 colorful destinations from a couple of travel websites. The team then subjected it to three unrigorous (but fun) analyses to determine the most colorful places, the most searched for colorful places, and the most Instagrammed colorful places.

To find the most colorful place, they pulled in the top 10 photos of each on Shutterstock and used a “color dropper tool” (presumably in Photoshop) to find the number of colors in each locations’ color palette.

According to Uswitch, Cinque Terre in Italy is the most colorful destination in the world with a grand total of eight distinct colors. Apparently, “Sitting on the Italian Riviera, the multicolored destination is home to an abundance of colorful houses that vary from red, dark and light orange, shades of yellow, green and blue.”

Next up, with seven distinct colors, was Kampung Pelangi (it translates to “Rainbow Village” in Bahasa) in Indonesia.

Then Guatape, Colombia; La Boca, Argentina; and Nyhavn, Denmark, rounded out the top five with six colors apiece.

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