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The Top 5 Strategies to Improve Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is essential for business growth. In this digital era, word-of-mouth marketing can either expand or destroy your brand overnight. If you take advantage of using word of mouth, you can save money on your advertising budget and consumers can share their experiences across a much larger reach than your budget would allow.

Word of mouth marketing should not just be about getting consumers to talk about your company. It’s about making an ordinary customer be a hardcore fan. Personal account marketing is a form that heavily relies on consumers and raving fans to promote a company naturally. This can be accomplished by posting images, videos, and vlogs of your products on various social media platforms. Word of mouth marketing is an excellent way to boost your product sales. That’s why in this article, we’ll show you how to improve your word of mouth marketing strategies, so sit back, grab a mug of coffee and read on.

1. Make Use of User Generated Content
As your business expands, consumers will begin to share User-generated content. This is when a consumer creates content and posts it themselves about your brand. An example is a customer posting a photo on Instagram wearing your product or a blog post on their website discussing their experiences with your products and services. This is important word-of-mouth marketing!

In light of the above, take simple steps to motivate your consumers in creating and posting creative content. How can we make this possible? Post-consumer photos on your company’s social media platforms or website and credit them to your post. Coming up with a contest for your consumers is also another effective way to get them to be creative in their content. You can ask consumers to be innovative when it comes to your brand and reward the best contender with a gift card or a voucher. You can also request them to involve friends to vote on their posts as a means to improve your word-of-mouth marketing.

2. Give a Reason for Your Consumers to Leave Reviews
Many successful brands rely on word-of-mouth marketing to boost their sales, which makes most of them work hard to do right by their consumers. This means that you’ve got to have exceptional customer service. There’s no doubt that your products should be top quality, but it’s just as important that the interaction between staff and consumers or clients be first-class.

3. Become a Thought Leader
Are you interested in getting people to talk about you? Make yourself known as a thought leader. This however requires a lot of effort from your side since you’ll have to negotiate with the existing power leaders and industry players while having the latest industry news on your fingertips. Once you’re confident and you feel familiar with your content, you can make your judgments and predictions based on some of the trends in the market. Always ensure that you’ve got evidence to support your theories.

In relation to this, it’s a hard route to take but the end goal of becoming a market leader will be worth all the tears, blood, and sweat. When consumers start looking at you as a thought leader, you’ll soon realize just how your word-of-mouth marketing will improve.

4. Use Market Influencers
Using market influencers is considered one of the best ways to boost your word-of-mouth marketing. By paying a marketing influencer, they get to post your business on their social platforms and the advantage of this is that you get to decide how, when and what they’re to post. The best thing about word-of-mouth marketing is that you can pay to get publicity around your business and boost your sales from them.

In regards to this, the downside of paying influencers is that the content produced isn’t natural. Having real consumers going crazy about your brand gives you motivation and as the sales increase, you’d be more excited.

5. Use Customer Feedback to Create a Good Name for Yourself
Consumers appreciate a business that deals in honesty and fairness to all with no deceitful schemes involved. How you deal with negative reviews can greatly impact your reputation. Growing your business’ reputation correctly by treating your consumers right, will create a good name for you and in turn increase your word of mouth marketing platform.


In today’s era, having a single recommendation can be of greater impact on your consumers than most marketing strategies. That being the case, many successful businesses have capitalized on this opportunity. With that being said, we hope that you’ve learned a great deal from this article, and as we conclude, are you familiar with other strategies to improve word-of-mouth marketing? Please share with us by commenting below.



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