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The Soon-to-Launch Wizmaker P1 Can Print With It Easily.

3D printing flexible parts? It is high time to change the extruder to Direct

 3D Printing Wizmaker P1’s uses 3D printers to create innovative designs out of various filament materials. However, as a new category of flexible filaments like TPU was introduced, it brought unique characteristics to the table which the printers with  far-end extruder couldn’t deliver.


Printing flexible filament is significantly more challenging than rigid ones. Most importantly, the highly flexible ones tend to buckle, string, and thus lower the print quality.


Users may be more familiar with the term TPE or thermoplastic elastomer. Formerly the reference material for flexible 3D printing, TPE is a very soft rubber-like plastic that can be bent or stretched without warping. However, its softness makes TPE a very challenging material for many far-end extrusion machines for 3D printing.


Many of these printers in the market use far-end extruders, however, they cannot print TPU. Without proper upgrading of their extruder, it can affect the final print quality of TPU filament. On the other hand, in many cases, these FDM 3D printers are not capable of printing TPU/TPE.


“TPU filament?”


TPU is a very useful material for creating objects. It is well-suited for creating objects that should bend, stretch, or compress. It is not exactly the most commonly used 3d printing material, but it has a few advantages over other filaments.


TPU 3D printing offers unique possibilities that would otherwise be unattainable with other 3D printing materials such as ABS, PLA, or nylon. By combining the properties of plastic and rubber, TPU can produce highly durable, elastic parts that can be easily bent or compressed.


This ready to launch Wizmaker P1’s 3D printer will allow users to print TPU easier on a printer with a direct extruder. This helps to minimize the distance of the filament to the hotbed, allowing users to get an intricate, smooth, and reliable output. One of the key benefits of using Wizmaker P1’s printers with Direct Drive Extruders is that it has precise control of retraction with a whole new experience. With this new Wizmaker P1 machine, people can print with various filaments without any need of changing the nozzle.

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