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The Morning After: Another gadget prototype left behind at a restaurant

There’s a heart rate monitor, buttons and proprietary watchband latches (boo) and, well, not much else to add for now. The watch wouldn’t run beyond its boot-up screen, so for now we’ll have to dream how WearOS 3 will look. Such heady dreams!

Will this Pixel Watch leak end similarly? I’m not sure, but Google could do with the publicity when it comes to its wearables.

— Mat Smith

A team of UK scientists has analyzed the complete genetic makeup of 12,000 tumors from NHS patients and discovered 58 new mutations that provide clues about their potential causes. The team used data from the 100,000 Genomes Project and developed an algorithm called FitMS that will give clinicians easy access to the new information.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the company is re-examining Musk’s takeover bid after the billionaire announced he had the financial backing to get the deal done. When Musk first announced he was ready to pay $43 billion to buy the social media giant, noting at the time it was his “best and final offer,” Twitter was widely expected to reject the proposal.

Twitter declined to comment on the report. When Musk first announced his bid, the company said it was committed to a “careful, comprehensive and deliberate review” of the offer. It’s very likely we’ll learn how Twitter plans to proceed sometime in the next few days.

Following a marathon 16-hour negotiation, the European Union reached an agreement early Saturday to adopt the Digital Services Act. The legislation seeks to impose greater accountability on global tech companies, once the act becomes law in 2024.

It’ll have teeth, too: The EU will have the power to fine tech companies up to six percent of their global turnover for rule violations. And The Guardian did the math: For Meta, that would translate into a single potential fine of approximately $7 billion.

Sam Rutherford’s investment in an ASUS ROG Strix XG17AHP portable monitor is paying off nicely. With a selection of peripherals that come free with it, loads of ports and 240Hz refresh rates, it might be better than your older, existing not-at-all-portable monitor.

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