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The Levana Oma Sense Baby Monitor is Saving Babies’ Lives

The Palm-Sized Abdominal Movement Monitor Empowers Parents By Giving Them True Peace of Mind

 Canadian company Empowerment Technologies Inc., through its baby safety brand Levana, announced today the re-release of the highly rated Oma SenseTM baby movement monitor.


Designed and engineered in Canada and using revolutionary unique patented WakeUpTM technology, the Oma Sense delicately tracks a baby’s abdominal movements every 80 milliseconds. If none are detected within 15 seconds, gentle vibrations try to stimulate movement, and if nothing is detected in the next 5 seconds, an alarm (along with LED lights) immediately sounds to alert parents.   


The wireless Oma Sense sits on your baby’s waistline, making zero contact with their skin and eliminating the risk of rashes and irritation. Crafted with medical-grade materials, the device clips onto baby clothes, even diapers and onesies, and is highly portable with an included carrying case. 


Since Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can cut out unreliably and potentially transmit harmful wireless signals, the Oma Sense relies on neither. Instead, a small battery snaps in the back, that powers a gentle LED that glows every 30 seconds reassuring you that it’s on, detecting movement, and giving plenty of warning when it runs low. It is small and simple but provides true peace of mind for parents – a tiny but potentially life-saving device for infants under six months when used properly in accordance with the product manual.


With no separate smart devices, cloud, app, account, or baby monitor required, it’s unhackable, secure, and completely private. 


“It’s incredible to hear the stories from parents and truly humbling to know that our vision is being realized. Oma Sense is a total game-changer for new parents, and we are extremely proud to be helping to not only ease their worries but to know that the device has saved the lives of babies.” – Raj Jain, CEO & Founder, Levana 


About Levana, From the Latin levare, “to lift” a newborn child, Levana is the ancient Roman goddess of childbirth. For over 20 years, Levana has been bringing peace of mind to parents through thoughtfully designed, innovative, and reliable baby safety solutions. As a team of engineers, designers, and parents, we strive to push what’s possible by never settling for “good enough” as we combine our commitment to creating great products with our passion for cutting-edge technology.


Levana continues to create devices that empower parents (such as the Mila monitor) and provide peace of mind. Oma Sense is available to buy at The monitor is not a medical device and should not be relied upon as such or over proper parental supervision or medical care. The product’s potentially life-saving qualities are not guaranteed or warranted by the company. The device should be used properly in accordance with the product manual.

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