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The Latest Zcash Software Release Supports the Network’s ‘Largest Upgrade in History’

According to the Electric Coin Company, the team behind the cryptocurrency network Zcash, the protocol is soon to implement the largest upgrade in history. The Zcash development team has released the 5.0.0 codebase which supports the NU5 upgrade that will occur on or around May 31, at block height 1,687,104.

The Zcash founder continued:

Network Upgrade 5 moves Zcash onto the foundation of a completely new Zero-Knowledge Proof system: Zcash Halo, the first zero-knowledge proof system that is both (a) efficient and recursive, and (b) doesn’t rely on Ceremonies (“trusted setups”).

“NU5 is the largest network upgrade in Zcash history. By utilizing the Halo proving system and Orchard shielded payment protocol, complex trusted setup ceremonies are now a thing of the past, and users can make private, trustless digital cash payments on mobile phones,” Swihart said in a note sent to News. “The upgrade marks a significant milestone, not only for Zcash, for the field of zero-knowledge cryptography.”

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