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The General Store Makes Its Inaugural Investment in the Innovation and Business Growth Practice TMRW Lab.

The General Store, a private investment firm, announced today its first strategic investment and portfolio company, TMRW Lab LLC. This addition to The General Store’s portfolio represents a crucial step in the firm’s investment thesis.

Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Westport, Connecticut, TMRW Lab is a growth design practice that helps enterprises create strategic commercial innovation programs. The Company is focused on combining design-thinking methods and emerging technologies to find undervalued data and digital strategies inside the organization and create digital platforms to build new growth strategies. Led by software and design industry professionals, Marc Scibelli and James Toomey, TMRW Lab has quickly established itself as a mission-critical partner, enabling innovation platforms in several high-growth industrial companies.

James Toomey, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, believes TMRW Lab’s focus fills a much-needed gap for mid-market companies. “There is currently a large U-curve in technology and digital innovation. On one side of the U-curve are large companies with big budgets investing in innovation because they view it as core to business growth. On the other end, you have digital startups, built on new platforms and no legacy models holding them back. Many of our clients are smack in the cavernous middle – they have great businesses and customers but have struggled to leverage innovation, and that leaves them susceptible to new disruptors entering their markets. Our scalable process helps them find their missing alpha and design digital growth platforms to stay ahead of disruption.”

Tod Williams, Managing Director of The General Store, believes this inaugural investment represents a crucial element to The General Store’s investment and platform strategy. “Our investment in TMRW Lab means more than an active investor relationship. Marc’s and James’ backgrounds in enterprise digital strategy and their approach to business growth are pivotal elements to our own investment platform strategy, directly helping us create the first business value-exchange platform to transform b-to-b investments.”

The General Store will join as a meaningful shareholder of TMRW Lab as a result of the transaction with Scibelli and Toomey’s previous consulting businesses being absorbed by TMRW Lab LLC, they’ll also be joining The General Store’s board of executive advisors.

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