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The Art of Education University Selects EdTech Leader Brent Bingham as New President/CEO

The Art of Education University (AOEU)–an institution that supports art education at every level with a proven K-12 curriculum, engaging professional development resources, educator community support, and a rigorous graduate degree program and courses–announced Brent Bingham as the university’s new President and CEO today.

AOEU founders Jessica and Derek Balsley made the announcement after Bingham’s appointment was approved by faculty and staff. The Balsleys will continue to serve on the Board of Directors, working with Bingham to expand AOEU’s acclaimed learning programs in the field of art education while advancing related growth opportunities.

Bingham has been an executive leader for innovative teams at education technology organizations over the last two decades, including PowerSchool, Apple, Pearson, Frontline, and most recently, GoReact. Prior to that he studied, taught, and researched humanities at BYU, Cornell, and Princeton. He uniquely combines his academic experience with a track record of success growing education businesses.

Brent Bingham, President/CEO, said: “I was attracted by AOEU’s genuine passion to serve art education at every level. I noticed something else, though. It’s been my privilege for many years to help improve the availability and quality of educational opportunity in the U.S. and globally. Education is in flux right now. Lots of changes are imminent. I recognized that here at AOEU we have a truly innovative university model that is capable of sustaining better quality and more affordable learning opportunities amidst this change.”

Derek Balsley, Founder, said: “Mr. Bingham understands the transformative nature of our business model and sees strategic value in the award-winning culture we built together. He has the experience, wisdom, discernment, and big-picture vision to help take AOEU to the next level.”

Jessica Balsley, Founder, said: “President Bingham’s rich background of leading other education technology organizations is what AOEU needs to scale during this critical period, without sacrificing any of what makes AOEU special.”

Dr. Cheryl Hayek, Chief Academic Officer, said: “A university president leads the institution in its strategic goals and ensures the mission is at the forefront of every decision. President Bingham has extensive experience in leadership and is eager to lean on the academic experience of faculty to drive the curriculum. We cannot ask for more than that in a dedicated leader in academia.”

AOEU created the innovative Hyper-Vertical Model in higher education. This unique model goes beyond serving degree-seeking art teachers and provides a broad spectrum of learning opportunities to support art teachers over the course of their entire career, with curriculum, PD, events, and free online media. AOEU is an art teacher’s university for life.

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