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Symphony Technology Group acquires Kantar Reputation Intelligence, PRgloo and Onclusive to create new global public relations and communications partners

STG completed the acquisition of Kantar’s Reputation Intelligence business, as well as investments in PRgloo and Onclusive

-The three companies merged into a new independent company under the name “Onclusive”, reflecting the inclusiveness of the combined company’s new business and its advantages in global expansion

-The new company expands its business coverage in Europe and the United States, providing customers with a portfolio of industry-leading media monitoring, evaluation and workflow management solutions
leading technology investment firm Symphony Technology Group (referred to as “STG”) today completed Kantar acquisition of its Reputation Intelligence service, and announced the acquisition of PRgloo and Onclusive . The three companies will merge into a new global public relations and communications partner company that will provide media monitoring, evaluation and workflow management services.
This newly established independent enterprise will operate under the name “Onclusive”, reflecting the inclusiveness and scalability of the new enterprise’s business after the merger, as well as its commitment to accelerating investment in technology-enabled platforms and solutions.

The new company combines the consulting strength and scale of Kantar Reputation Intelligence, a leading European media monitoring and analysis provider, the industry-leading media relations and workflow management platform of the British company PRgloo, and the artificial intelligence technology and data science of the American company Onclusive.

When talking about the new company, Petra Masinova, Chief Commercial Officer of New Onclusive , explained: “We have always appreciated each other’s strengths and are increasingly cooperating at the project level to help solve customer needs. Today, we are accelerating After the previous spontaneous cooperation process, we merged into one company. This move amplifies our respective original advantages and allows us to serve our customers in the name of the same company and provide them with leading insights, technology and expertise.”

Dan Beltramo, Chief Innovation Officer of New Onclusive, also praised the merger: “Onclusive is a technology and innovation pioneer in the field of media monitoring and analysis. Kantar Reputation Intelligence is a leader in customer service and has a top-ranked business coverage in Europe. And market-leading insights. The merger has expanded our scale and given us the ambition to become a global leader.”

Samantha Deeks, vice president of customer experience at the new Onclusive, added: “We are delighted to be able to work with like-minded industry leaders based on PRgloo’s customer-centric design approach to co-found a new enterprise with scalability and flexibility. Actively listen to and respond to their needs in an increasingly complex communication environment.”

STG Managing Director JT Treadwell said: “Last year, STG made it clear that it will build a market-leading insight and software company through the acquisition of Kantar Reputation Intelligence. The completion of this acquisition is an important first step. At the same time, the acquisition of Onclusive and PRgloo The additional capabilities brought about have also expanded the scope of our commitments, helping us provide first-class solutions for the PR and communications team now and in the future.”

Onclusive will serve more than 9,000 customers in 130 markets, many of which are world-renowned brands. The company has more than 1,100 employees in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Australia.

Sean O’Neal, Managing Director of Onclusive North America, continued to add: “Our customers have played the role of matchmakers. We learned from customers that they want a trusted partner to help them acquire and integrate our first-class Comprehensive services. We have listened to their opinions. Starting today, Onclusive will help every client, including small businesses, multinational public and private organizations, to develop, manage, and evaluate their communications strategy.”

In the future, customers will receive the full range of services from the new Onclusive company, which will be supported at every stage of the communication cycle. Existing services will not be interrupted.

About Onclusive

Onclusive is a global partner company dedicated to efficient public relations and communication. It brings together Kantar Reputation Intelligence, Europe’s leading media monitoring and evaluation service, PRgloo’s first-class tools, and Onclusive’s powerful artificial intelligence and data science. We use the company’s technology, insight and expertise to obtain valuable content from the fragmented and rapidly changing media world to help clients manage, monitor and evaluate communication activities. Onclusive works closely with customers to help customers improve performance, prove and increase customer value.

About STG Partners

STG is a private equity partner of leading companies in the fields of software, data analysis and software support technology services, providing expertise, flexibility and resources to build strategic value and unlock the potential of innovative companies. STG cooperates to build a customer-centric and market-leading portfolio of companies, seeking to build a foundation for sustainable growth that can bring value to its companies. STG is committed to cooperating with leading management teams to jointly transform and establish excellent technology companies. STG and its predecessor, Symphony Technology Group (“Symphony”), manage a total capital of approximately US$6 billion. For more information, please visit

Kantar Reputation Intelligence -European leader in the tracking and evaluation of earned media. Reputation Intelligence provides trusted insights on business, public relations and brand reporting in more than 130 markets, enabling brands to understand and manage their image in the minds of global and local audiences and influencers.

Onclusive – Helping the world’s leading brands and organizations to modernize their communications, improve performance and demonstrate value. As the inventor of PR Attribution™ and Power of Voice™, Onclusive can help assess the true impact of word-of-mouth, proprietary and social content on the company’s profitability.

PRgloo -a complete media relations platform. PRgloo combines easy-to-use tools with superior analytical capabilities to provide PR professionals with the tools they need to make their jobs better and life easier.

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