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Guidelines for submitting a press release

There are certain guidelines that has to be followed before submitting the press release. Let us have a look at it below.

  • Make your pr release description as concise and precise as possible.
  • All Press Releases must have a word count range of 300 to 800 words. The news summary, on the other hand, should be no longer than two sentences and must be included in the main report.
  • The opening paragraph should contain information on all five Ws (who, what, why, where, and when).
  • Email addresses should not be included in the text of a press release for a website. Use the following formatting if an email address is required:
  • HTML tags, tables, line breaks, and other non-standard characters should not be used in the press release. The usual grammatical protocol should be followed while capitalising. It’s not necessary to uppercase complete words.
  • Hyperlinks should be used just once per 300 words or less.
  • Include a specific release date.

Content for Press Releases

To be accepted for publication on this website, newswire press release must follow the rules below. Before sending your release to our editorial team, please double-check that it fits all of the following requirements:

  • Newsworthiness: The pr news wire should explain why the reader should care about it, and it should be backed up by facts.
  • Maintain objectivity: Because the press statement is intended for the general public, phrases such as “I” and “you” should be avoided.
  • Fact-Checked: Before sending a press release to our website, the first person should double-check all of the provided facts for correctness.
  • Written Consent And/Or Authorization: If the company is submitting a release, it should include an authorization sign.

What We Refuse to Accept:

  • Advertisements or Spam Content Under no circumstances will we accept a Press Release For Website that contains advertisements or spam content. The use of the terms “FREE” and “Earn Money” in a press release will be regarded as spam.
  • Statements of Opinion There should be no personal opinions in the release.
  • Content that is explicit. Press releases that are rude or sexually explicit will not be accepted on our site. Explicit content includes anything that is harmful or threatening to any segment of society.
  • Blog entries are not eligible for submission as press releases through our website.

Aside from the items listed above, pr wires does not accept releases that include the following:

  • It’s just a thought.
  • Content duplication
  • Encourage the use of escorts, pornography, or sexual enhancement products or supplements.
  • Opinions or viewpoints that are controversial, polarising, or political.
  • Opinion or point of view held by a religious radical.
  • Libel, damage, or defamation are all possibilities.
  • Stock ticker symbols that haven’t been approved or registered.

Theme specified press releases

We do not accept press releases if they are about the following themes:

  • Releases from payday loan websites are not permitted on our website.
  • Sites that are medicinal (unless it clearly states that a prescription is required)
  • Programs for losing weight
  • Supplements for sexual well-being or libido boost
  • Schemes to gain profit
  • Unauthorised mobile device unlocking services are also prohibited due to privacy concerns.
  • Writing resources for academic purposes (research papers, essays, etc.)

Contact us

If you are willing to adhere to the mentioned guidelines then contact our pr firm and get the chance to an impactful press release that will help your company grow.