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Why gamification in the first place?

Stripo states that gamification in emails helps brands better engage with subscribers, which may result in a 300% increase in ROI. They say that gamification is not meant for eCommerce only. SaaS businesses and B2B companies will also benefit greatly from gamification. For those who are ready to give it a try, Stripo in its eBook shares:

Impressive results. The author claims that gamification is proven to increase an average check by 15%, and also increase open rate for your next email campaigns.
When it’s best to use gamification. According to their conclusions, there are 4 major cases when gamification is most relevant and performs best as a result.
Recommendations on how to start off on the right foot with gamification: Tips to make games interesting from subscribers’ perspective and cheap from businesses’ perspective.
Ready-to-use game mechanics. They mentioned that most of those companies that do not use gamification yet are not doing it because of high development costs. In order to cut those costs and speed up email building, Stripo provides the readers with game mechanics and game templates that are easy to customize.
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About the author:
Dmitry Kudrenko is the CEO and Co-Founder of Stripo. Being engaged in email marketing for over 20 years, he believes that email is way more powerful than one can even imagine. “However, to maintain deep and long-lasting relations with customers, it is crucial for companies to keep them entertained. And gamification is one of the most effective ways to do that”, says Dmitry.

Opinion leaders in email marketing who also contributed into this guide:
John Thies, Co-Founder of Email on Acid.
Kevin George, CMO at Email Uplers.
Jordan Pritikin, Head of Growth and Email Marketing at HubSpot.
Nicolas Garnier, Senior Product Manager at Gorgias, previously was the Head of Product at Mailjet.

They shared their opinion and experience in email gamification.

About Stripo:
Stripo is an email design platform that has everything you need to build high-quality emails of any type and complexity, including those with AMP, real-time, and interactive content, with no coding skills.

Stripo’s main goal is to speed up email production. It takes their customers literally 1 hour instead of 16 to build a flawless promo email with Stripo. Because:

Stripo offers 850+ prebuilt email templates that are fully customizable. Marketers can either use them either to get inspired, or use them as a base for their future campaigns.

The Content Modules option allows reusing certain email elements across multiple campaigns. This significantly speeds up email production.

The Brand Guidelines option generates and stores the email design styles that were previously used by a company. In this simple way, the company stays brand consistent across all email campaigns no matter who works on their email — a staff or an outsource designer.

The Smart Elements option lets companies build multiple product cards and email digests with 1 click by just pasting a link to a necessary product or blog post into a template — all the necessary data is pulled into the email template automatically.

Stripo is integrated with over 70 email clients, and ESPs/CRMs so that marketers can push emails to their marketing automation system with just 1 click, with no further setup required.


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