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Spanish Crypto Exchange Bit2me to Rescue 2gether Customers After Account Block

Bit2me, a Spanish cryptocurrency exchange, is looking to absorb customers of 2gether, another Spanish exchange, after the company blocked access to its trading platform. Bit2me will pay the €20 fee that 2gether imposed on its customers to continue trading on its platform. The customers will be able to keep trading on Bit2me’s platform, having their assets transferred there.

According to information explained in a blog post, Bit2me would reimburse the €20 ($20.00) fee that 2gether told users they had to pay to keep operating using its platform. The intention would be to keep these users in the crypto environment. Leif Ferreira, co-founder and CEO of Bit2me, declared:

Training, knowledge, and innovation are the keys to bringing this sector to the whole of society. At Bit2Me we are committed to what we believe. For us, the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is and will be key to our present and future. For that reason, we want to be next to 2gether users who want to continue to be linked to the crypto ecosystem.

Also at that time, the company imposed a one-time €20 fee on its users, in order for them to continue utilizing platform services. However, customers whose accounts’ funds were below that number would be liquidated. While 2gether reported having been affected by the market situation, in contrast, Bit2me has continued to operate normally, even expanding its operations to Latam.

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