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Spain to Offer Grants for Metaverse Companies

The government of Spain has announced it will issue a series of grants and aid for metaverse-related developments. The individuals and companies interested in receiving these grants will have to be based in the European Union or Spain and present a plan, and meet a series of requirements, to be considered. The first batch of grants will be dedicated to the gaming and entertainment sector.

Those interested in applying for these grants will have to present a plan to the ministry, explaining the reach and goals of each project. For companies or teams, women will have to represent 25% of the organization in order to apply for these grants.

The ministry expects this program will entice companies from all over Europe to include the metaverse as a part of their plans for the future.

While the concept of the metaverse is still very broad, companies are already working towards establishing some kind of dominance in the field. This first batch of grants will be directed to gaming and video entertainment companies, as the metaverse is related closely to these industries, currently. At the same time, the ministry has opened a process to include experimental projects using virtual, augmented, and extended reality-related companies.

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