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Sonicware’s SmplTrek is a battery-powered groovebox for on-the-go beatmaking

You can auto-slice samples and assign them to pads. Curiously, the SmplTrek has 15 velocity sensitive pads rather than the standard 16. You'll be able to edit samples with a waveform display and they can be matched to the key and tempo of a song, Sonicware says.

Each song can have up to 16 scenes. Each of those has 10 sequencer tracks, including ones designed for loops, drums, instruments, one shots and external MIDI. The SmplTrek will allow you to mix down a song using mastering effects before exporting it as a single audio file. What's more, if you connect the groovebox to your phone or PC, you can livestream your music.

The sampler comes with 30 effects included. That's a respectable number, though until we're able to try it for ourselves, it's unclear how good those effects are. The SmplTrek also offers more than 500 sample sounds and north of 100 drum kits out of the gate, so even beginners will be able to start piecing together songs right away.

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