Backup Header Below Expands Practical Futures Advisory Team to Create Equitable and Sustainable Community College Futures today announces the expansion of its Practical Futures Advisory team to help organizations transform their business models in response to major disruption in the higher education marketplace. The team now includes: Dr. Hope Clark and Dr. Erica Barreiro, advisors for Work + Learn Futures, who are trailblazers in higher education and workforce development implementing strategic initiatives that are grounded in futures methodologies.

“Using a practical futures approach, we work with colleges, universities, and educational operations in businesses, to reimagine, reinvent, and scale the global workforce supply,” said Parminder K. Jassal, CEO of

The Practical Futures Advisory team recently worked with MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California to implement futures methodology across the whole college to create equitable and sustainable futures that involve students, faculty, administrators, board members and the community. This work was featured in Community College Daily published by the American Association of Community Colleges and Inside Higher Ed.

“Using futures methodology to transform and future-proof higher education is a novel approach that helps colleges readily identify signals, trends, and drivers, and to anticipate ongoing disruptions in the higher education market,” says Hope Clark, Principal Advisor for Work + Learn Futures.

“We are in an era of unprecedented disruption and transformation,” says SocialTech’s Practical Futures Advisory team member Kevin Clark. “Discovering and inventing successful futures to inhabit is a critical adaptation for learning delivery organizations and the people they serve. We welcome our new team members Erica and Hope in helping imagine and encourage development of next generation learning systems.”

SocialTech’s Practical Futures Advisory and the Futures Innovation Lab were both created to solve problems facing working learners, community colleges and employers by developing and implementing solutions such as Unmudl®, a one-stop Skills-to-Jobs Marketplace™, to seamlessly connect learners with jobs in demand through courses offered by community colleges. Using this approach, the Unmudl model was developed to help position forward-thinking community colleges for the future by helping them future-proof against a highly disruptive work and learn marketplace.

SocialTech’s mission is to build equitable and sustainable futures for education and workforce development that benefit employers and learners by merging practical futures with social technologies.


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