Backup Header Below Principal: The Rocky Launch of Horizon Worlds is Unsurprising

Meta's Horizon Worlds, though promising, has had a difficult launch, plagued by bugs and multiple accounts of harassment

The launch of Meta’s virtual reality social app Horizon Worlds has been plagued with problems, and Terry Cane, COO of global SSL service domain registration and SEO hosting provider (, is not surprised.


Intended by Meta as equal parts digital playground and social network, Horizon Worlds launched with many of the same problems that plague another Meta app, Facebook. The company’s light-touch approach to moderation has been referred to by experts as an extraordinary risk; groping and sexual harassment ran rampant on the app within a week of launch. Although most agree that the experience has promise, it also reportedly launched choppy, glitchy, and plagued with bugs.


“If nothing else, Horizon Worlds proves that Meta’s rebrand did not fix the company’s ongoing structural problems, as revealed in The Facebook Files,” says Cane. “In many ways, it translates both the best and worst parts of Facebook to virtual reality. However, this is far from the most significant issue with the platform.”


“The idea of the metaverse—of a series of seamlessly interconnected virtual worlds, systems, and apps—is, at this point, purely theoretical,” she continues. “The current metaverse is built atop a mountain of hype and speculation. It follows that anything born of that hype will have a flimsy foundation, because it stems from something that doesn’t actually exist.”


Cane doesn’t deny that the metaverse as a concept is a promising one, nor that full-immersion virtual reality is the future of both entertainment and marketing. At the same time, she advises caution. She notes that the current craze about the metaverse is a prime example of the media overblowing the power and potential of emerging technology.


“It’s very similar to what happened with cloud computing,” she explains. “Marketing and media rebounded ideas off one another to the point that they became fundamentally impossible to fulfill. At some point, the hype will die down, and we’ll see the metaverse’s real capacity—but in the meantime, take the news around it with a grain of salt.”



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