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Select Physicians Associates ACO Doubles Membership as It Expands Into 5 More States, Totaling 8 Nationwide

After another successful year of savings and providing quality care, Select Physicians Associates (SPA) announced today that its Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) Accountable Care Organization (ACO) will be expanding into a total of eight states in 2022, helping to more than double its membership.

SPA ACO currently provides high-quality cost-effective care to Medicare beneficiaries in Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina, and in 2022, will add participating ACO providers in Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Michigan, and Illinois.

“With consecutive years of growth and increased shared savings, we’ve proven that SPA’s provider-centric model works,” said SPA ACO President Pawan Shah. “We have created a sustainable platform that not only focuses on the well-being of our patients but also our providers. The value we deliver to our providers via our infrastructure and high-performance strategies, including Care Management, Provider Performance, Patient Care Quality, and cutting-edge technology, has created an attractive value-based solution and continues to lead to collaborative partnerships nationwide.

For two straight years, SPA has positioned itself as one of the top-performing ACOs in the nation, generating $16.6 million in total gross savings to Medicare.

SPA began participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program in 2018 with partnerships in Florida and Alabama. Through continued savings and continued improvement in value-based care delivery by participating ACO providers, SPA was able to expand to a third state, South Carolina, in 2021.

SPA continues to look to the future and is actively recruiting providers nationwide to join their ACO model. With a major expansion on the horizon, SPA looks to create new ACOs and partner with existing ones across multiple states.

“We are truly excited for what our future holds,” said Mr. Shah. “In just a couple of years, we’ve not only been able to achieve a higher savings percentage than longer tenured ACOs, we’ve been able to increase our provider participation nationwide. That just goes to show how dedicated and committed SPA is to delivering high-quality and cost-effective patient care and achieving superior ACO performance. We look forward to partnering with even more physicians looking to take the next step in value-based care.”

About Select Physicians Associates

Select Physicians Associates (SPA) is an MSSP ACO with the direct mission to provide Better Care, Better Quality, and Lower Cost to its nationwide beneficiaries. SPA works with its participating providers to achieve this triple aim mission by providing them with the tools, resources, reports and support necessary to improve the overall health of patients, improve quality of care and services, help implement and share best practices, help achieve value-based incentives, and fulfill the goals of the Medicare Shared Savings Program. SPA is powered by Physician Partners, a national Value-based Care as a Service™ organization and responsible for more than 64,000 Medicare Advantage, 27,000 Accountable Care Organizations, and 47,000 Medicaid risk lives, Physician Partners operates MSO risk-based services and Accountable Care Organizations across three states.

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