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SDI Labs and CLEARED4 Team Up to Deliver Global Tele-Proctoring Services With HealthVu

SDI Labs, a minority-owned, high-complexity diagnostics lab that empowers patients with systems-based solutions for optimal health outcomes, is proud to announce it is teaming up with CLEARED4, the nation’s largest and most trusted HIPAA-compliant health validation platform, to launch HealthVu, an infectious disease tele-proctoring service to manage testing for home or remote COVID testing.

HealthVu was created to bridge the potential accuracy gap in the administration of home testing or remote COVID testing for both antigen and PCR tests. The system is a live video-call test experience that ensures COVID test accuracy, tracks test proof and authenticity, and provides flexibility when testing small to large numbers of people. This valuable tele-proctoring service by HealthVu will help businesses, travelers, and labs maintain compliance and accuracy while helping Americans get back to work or school safely. HealthVu is powered by CLEARED4, where all test documentation is managed in a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.

“The telemedicine services of HealthVu will help employees properly conduct COVID tests with optimal accuracy while providing companies with real-time test results that comply with relevant regulations and guidelines,” said Dr. Soumi Eachempati, Co-Founder and CEO of CLEARED4. “Inaccurate COVID tests due to improper technique or misidentification can have huge adverse consequences to the health and safety of employees, students, and visitors at all types of organizations.”

The HealthVu video-call COVID testing is easy for employees to use. Employees simply book a HealthVu video-call appointment, select their language preference, watch a brief how-to video and complete a Cares Act survey, show the test kit that has been shipped to them along with their ID to a HealthVu agent, and remain with a HealthVu agent as the test is taken and results are analyzed. The HealthVu agent records the test result and video evidence in the CLEARED4 health verification platform. There is also an option for the HealthVu video test to be saved and auto-deleted after a set number of days, or not saved at all.

If an employee receives a negative test result, they will immediately be given an access pass that allows them to enter a building or shared space. If an employee tests positive, the employee will be requested to quarantine and/or seek medical attention. The HealthVu tele-proctoring platform supports multiple languages such as English, Spanish, French, and German, with more to come over time.

“Accurate and authenticated COVID test results via HealthVu tele-proctoring can help businesses globally protect the health and well-being of their associates. At SDI Labs, we understand the importance of speed and accuracy of diagnosis. HealthVu is an effective tool that companies can use to proactively prevent outbreaks that disrupt operations and put people at risk,” said Christopher Britton, Chief Experience Officer of SDI Labs.

To prevent disruption from highly infectious COVID outbreaks, more organizations like Netflix, T-Mobile and City University of New York are testing associates and students more regularly. HealthVu tele-proctoring is a new way for organizations to administer tests in a way that complies with mandates and privacy requirements.

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