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Saddle․Finance Creates New Standards for DeFi Trading

DeFi is a sub-sector in the crypto industry that has witnessed significant innovation since its inception. However, the narrative has struggled to stay consistent, affecting the domain overall. The current bear market has wiped out more than half of DeFi Total Value Locked (TVL), hampering innovations. Furthermore, several projects have simply forked (copied) existing protocols and brought zero ideas to the market.

Enabling an Efficient and Secure DeFi Trading Experience

$SDL: The Utility Rich Token Powering Saddle Ecosystem

In the future, Saddle also plans to create more initiatives to take the protocol to the next level. These include migrating to on-chain governance, adding liquidity to $SDL through Tokemak, and introducing a new gauge to unlock extra staking yield boosts. The protocol will also issue bonds through Olympus Pro to generate more protocol-owned value.

Similarly, launching a borrowing function against liquidity providers and adding leveraged yield farming through Rari Capital’s Fuse is also part of the plan. Lastly, Saddle intends to improve its virtual swaps and launch new services where users can deploy their own customizable pools.

Building the Future of DeFi




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