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Riester ri-sonic® teams up with eMurmur® to transform auscultation

Rudolf Riester and eMurmur® are pleased to announce that they have collaborated to create a new standard in heart and lung auscultation.

Riester’s Ri-sonic® digital stethoscope provides crisp, clear sound quality. Coupled with the power of eMurmur’s incredible platform for digital auscultation, it allows caregivers to obtain clear live sounds and recordings, creating a complete solution for listening to the body in-person and remotely like never before.

“We are very pleased to be collaborating with eMurmur on such an exciting project. Ri-sonic and eMurmur enable remote auscultation and subsequent diagnosis with state-of-the-art quality sound for heart, lungs and bowel. We are confident that this will help millions of patients to receive timely and professional advice and will empower MCPs to monitor the development of their patients over time to better treat and care for them. Telemedicine is expanding its remits beyond the current context of a global pandemic. Ri-Sonic and eMurmur bring a new degree of precision and accuracy in primary care for better screening and diagnosis of heart and lung disease. And more importantly, done in real time,” says Irina Zhdanova, Managing Director at Rudolf Riester.

The ability to perform remote auscultation during telehealth visits between the patient and caregiver adds a new dimension to the treatment pathway. Patients can get faster access to expert assessments while removing the burden of travel and time off work. Providers can reduce unnecessary referrals and get patients the care they require faster.

“By building the eMurmur platform, we are bringing auscultation into the 21st century. Going digital, creating heart and lung sound records, and enabling tele-auscultation and e-consultations are game changing milestones in auscultation, especially with the challenges the pandemic has presented to providers,” explained Andreas Schriefl, PhD, founder and CEO of eMurmur. “We at eMurmur are experts in driving and delivering such innovation, Riester is a trusted industry leader in building high-quality stethoscopes with decades of experience and a global reach. It is a proud moment for eMurmur to have Rudolf Riester as a partner and ultimately patients will benefit from the improved patient care our solution delivers.”

The collaboration has allowed the expertise in Riester’s 60 years of producing high quality stethoscopes to be coupled with the entrepreneurial excellence and know-how of the team at eMurmur.

The outcome – innovation and expertise create a new dawn for auscultation.

About Rudolf Riester
Riester is a company with a proud history of excellence. Based in Juningen, Germany and developing the highest quality diagnostic medical devices since 1948. At Riester, we have a no compromise approach. German quality at its best. Reliability, from research and development to quality control and production of the highest standards.

In 2007 Riester was acquired by Halma plc, transforming Riester from a family-owned business, into being part of an international group of companies.

Through trust and partnership, Riester has developed a global reach, offering products to over 150 countries world-wide. ​

About eMurmur
Established in 2015 eMurmur has offices in Graz, Austria and Ottawa, Canada. eMurmur is a technology partner to the global healthcare community specializing in advanced digital auscultation. Supporting heart, lung, and bowel health screenings, the company seeks to elevate the practice of auscultation in every interaction. eMurmur partners with leading hardware and telehealth providers to integrate high-definition auscultation technology into healthcare practice, whether delivering in-home, in-clinic, or virtual care. Using advanced engineering, eMurmur makes it possible for healthcare providers performing auscultation to screen, monitor, diagnose, and consult with greater certainty.


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