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Remote Video Production Platform ClearMix Raises $3.25 Million Seed Funding From Scout Venture and Bloomberg Beta

The funding will enable ClearMix to scale their remote video production platform and expand into new markets

ClearMix, the first fully remote video production studio for sales and marketing teams, announces today that they have raised $3.25 million during their seed round.


ClearMix allows companies to create videos like customer testimonials or company overviews via 4K webcams, with assistance from professional producers and editors who manage interviews remotely. The professional support leads to consistent, high-quality production, while the remote technique can be done at a tenth of the cost and a quarter of the time versus traditional on-site film crews.


The seed round, financed by investors including Scout Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, Runa Capital, and Liquid2 Ventures, seeks to build the future of video marketing technology and facilitate fast and affordable content creation.


“We’re excited about the market. Our model solves real problems for our customers, and we’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of attention from customers, including from a number of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies. This seed round will support ClearMix in greatly expanding our sales and product teams with an expectation of 10x growth,” said Ian Folau, CEO of ClearMix.


Historically, video production for most marketers and entrepreneurs has required interviewees to meet with expensive on-site production crews. More affordable DIY options require expertise that companies don’t have on hand, including sound, lighting, and editing skills, while still sacrificing the quality of the final video. 


“ClearMix has come to market with an integration of video production professionals in everyday content marketing efforts that allows anyone with basic equipment they already own to produce high-quality content in record time. We’re excited to support them in lowering the friction to high-ROI video content for businesses,” said Sam Ellis, partner at Scout Ventures.


The video marketing industry is worth $135 Billion in the U.S. alone and is expected to grow by 40% by 2027. However, when companies are looking to produce video, there is a gap between lower-quality DIY solutions and expensive on-site production studios. ClearMix bridges the gap between these options by providing fully remote professional producers to supervise shoots filmed with high-quality webcams and smartphone cameras.


The platform is suitable for all types of users, including large corporations, small- and medium-sized businesses, educators and podcasters, who are all able to produce corporate videos more quickly and easily than ever before.


About ClearMix


ClearMix is the first 100% remote video production company. We’re able to produce corporate videos for sales and marketing teams by filming guests anywhere in the world. Our professional producers handle every interview, ensuring high production value, and our editors create a polished product in 10 days or less, which helps our customers save time and money while creating videos to connect more closely with their audiences.

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