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PropTech Firms Partner to Further Digitize Commercial Real Estate

RealtyAds, a marketing automation platform for real estate that facilitates customer acquisition and retention, today announced a strategic partnership with Oval Room Group, a provider of dynamic visual experiences. The partnership creates a marketplace within RealtyAds for property owners, marketers, and brokers to purchase world-class advertising content at a discounted rate for properties in any major North American market.

“Historically, the cost of producing content for commercial real estate assets has been astronomical,” said Trevor Marticke, president and founder, RealtyAds. “It has created an industry where many assets with vacancy overspend or simply pass on purchasing the content needed to entice prospective tenants to a property. This has been extremely detrimental to assets over the course of the COVID pandemic, as prospective customers are even more hesitant to view a space in person.”

The new agreement between RealtyAds and Oval Room Group creates a marketplace that fixes the existing imbalance between assets that have great content and those without.

Now, real estate firms have a centralized marketplace to purchase content, for one or all of their assets, at a price that’s a fraction of current providers. This includes materials such as high-resolution imagery, informative drone fly-throughs, and customized videos, all of which customers will own for alternative uses. What’s more, the content is automatically loaded to a customer’s RealtyAds account for effortless distribution internet-wide to prospective tenants.

Alex Taylor, Oval Room Group’s (ORG) CEO & Founder, detailed the impact this partnership will have, saying; “Our unique platform eliminates the fractured nature of the commercial real estate visual process, by allowing owners, developers, and brokers to procure any visual media need, for any asset type, anywhere in North America. ORG’s platform has been the market leader in content production for years. This partnership with RealtyAds allows customers to easily access our services, and integrate our content production with an effective go-to-market strategy for leasing space.”

By combining scalable content creation, competitive pricing, and simplicity with effective distribution channels, the companies have set a new standard for real estate marketing that’s hyper-focused on helping property owners combat vacancy.

For national brokerages and ownership groups, the firms offer an API integration to automate where content is stored. This makes sure purchased content is always accessible even with unforeseen changes to property leasing, management, or ownership.


About RealtyAds

RealtyAds Pursuit Marketing is fundamentally reimagining how real estate assets and brands pursue customers.

With over 415 million square feet of assets across 90 markets, the RealtyAds Platform leverages artificial intelligence to help real estate generate market-leading exposure to a hyper-targeted audience, at a fair price and without complexity. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Chicago, RealtyAds is building a team that is fixated on revolutionizing one of America’s largest, yet slowest to adapt, industries. Example customers include CBRE, Tishman Speyer, and Brookfield.

About Oval Room Group

Oval Room Group is the only national, single-source provider for Commercial Real Estate Visual Media. Combining 50+ years of CRE experience with 500+ nationwide providers and an unparalleled digital team – our platform can reach any market in the U.S., and work with any asset type! Our value lies in our ability to bridge the gap between CRE knowledge and technology/visuals. Creating content for over 150 million square feet of properties and developments, spanning 400+ markets, commercial real estate visual media has finally been made simple!

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