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What is a Product Launch Press Release?

A product launch press release is a press release used to announce the launch or introduction of a new product or service. The purpose is to spread the news and generate interest from media, potential customers, and partners.

A product launch press release contains specific information about the new product including:

  • Product name and description
  • Key features and/or benefits
  • Availability and pricing details
  • Quotes from company executives
  • Company background

The press release is written like a news story, using an inverted pyramid structure. The most important and relevant information is included up top, with additional details following in diminishing order of importance.

The goal is to convince journalists that the news is significant enough to cover in their publication or website. If the press release does its job successfully, it can help drive media coverage, spread brand awareness, and get the product noticed in the market.

Benefits of Distributing Through PR Wires

Distributing your press release through a PR Wires service like PR Wires offers several key benefits compared to trying to do all the outreach yourself manually:

  • Wider Distribution to More Journalists and Outlets: PR Wires has relationships with thousands of media outlets, journalists, bloggers and influencers relevant to your industry. They have the contacts and systems to distribute your news far and wide to maximize pickup and coverage. Doing the outreach manually would take an enormous amount of time and effort.
  • Saves Time Compared to Manual Outreach: By leveraging PR Wires’s distribution network, you save all the time and hassle of doing manual email outreach to try and get journalists to cover your news. They have sophisticated systems and years of expertise to optimize distribution.
  • Leverages PR Wires’s Existing Media Relationships: PR Wires has spent years cultivating relationships with key journalists and outlets. Your release can benefit from these existing connections to get better placement and pickup. As a trusted partner, PR Wires has a track record that lends additional credibility.

The bottom line is that distributing through an established PR Wires service gives your release the best chance of being seen by relevant media contacts. The time savings and expanded distribution are well worth the investment compared to trying to do all the promotion yourself. With PR Wires’s network, your news can reach the right people fast.

PR Wires’s Distribution Network

  • PR Wires has a trusted and robust network of media contacts across mainstream media, trade publications, online news sites, blogs, and magazines. They have cultivated relationships with editors, bloggers, local media centers, and other influencers in various industries.
  • PR Wires distributes clients’ press releases to thousands of targeted media channels including major newswires, national publications, industry publications, blogs, podcasts, digital media outlets, broadcast media, and more. Their goal is to get clients’ news placed in front of an engaged audience that will be interested in their products or services.
  • They reach influentials in industries like Tech, Healthcare/Biotech, Business, and Entertainment through their media network in North America. Their media list is always evolving as they identify and build relationships with new influential outlets.
  • PR Wires disseminates press releases through a wide range of digital, print, and broadcast channels including major wire services like Associated Press, business wires, national newspapers, local papers, trade publications, industry blogs, podcasts, and more. This helps clients reach media contacts that might pick up their story.
  • The team focuses on targeted media outreach to ensure press releases reach industry influencers that can help tell clients’ stories. They take time to identify which specific media contacts would be most interested in each client’s news based on their beat, past coverage, audience, and influence.
  • In addition to newswires and targeted pitching, press releases are also distributed through PR Wires’s online newsroom which media monitor for stories. This expands the potential for additional pick-up beyond their direct outreach.

Writing an Effective Press Release

When writing a press release, follow these guidelines for formatting, structure, and length:

  • Keep the release to 1 or 2 pages at most. Editors and journalists appreciate brevity.
  • Use short paragraphs and bullet points to make the release easy to skim.
  • Structure the release like an inverted pyramid, with the most important information at the top.
  • Format the release with ample white space and clear headings.
  • Include the basics: headline, dateline, body copy, boilerplate, contact info.
  • Write an attention-grabbing headline using active voice, keywords, and compelling messaging.
  • Limit the headline to under 10 words.
  • Craft intriguing but honest quotes from company execs or spokespeople to add color.
  • Use quotes sparingly, 1 or 2 short ones, and watch for salesy or over-the-top language.
  • List key facts, company history, value proposition, and new product highlights up top.
  • Elaborate on details further down.
  • Close with a call to action and instructions on how to learn more.

An effective press release highlights your major announcements while tempting journalists to cover the story. With strong formatting and writing, you can pique media interest.

Optimizing Your Release for Search

One of the main goals of distributing a press release is increasing visibility and traffic from search engines. Follow these tips to optimize your release:

  • Use relevant keywords – Research keywords and phrases potential readers may use to find your content. Naturally work these into your release title, subheadings, opening paragraph, and body. Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Include metadata & tags – Most press release distribution services allow you to input metadata like titles, descriptions, and tags. Include variations of your main keywords here to help search engines understand your content.
  • Insert images & multimedia – Include quality images, infographics, videos or audio files that add value. Search engines index these files, so use descriptive file names with target keywords.
  • Link to your site – Incorporate links back to relevant pages on your own website to build authority and funnel search traffic. Anchor text should include your focus keyword.
  • Format headlines properly – Format your press release title and subheadings using title case and target keywords. This helps search engines understand topic focus.
  • Write quality content – Creating an informative, well-written release with truly valuable information will earn links and engagement, boosting search performance. Avoid fluff or hype.

With strategic optimization, your press release can drive major visibility and search traffic to your site and products.

Measuring Results

A product launch press release is only effective if you can accurately measure and track its impact. There are several key metrics to monitor:

Website Traffic

Look at your website analytics to see if a spike in traffic occurred around the time your press release distributed. The release may drive direct clicks to your site, as well as organic search traffic if it got picked up and indexed quickly. Compare traffic during the week after the release versus the prior week.


Check backlink tracking tools to see if your press release URL earned any backlinks from news sites, blogs, roundups, and other publishers. Backlinks help improve domain authority and search rankings.

Media Coverage

Review press coverage reports to see which online publications picked up your release. Getting placements on high-authority news sites like AP, MarketWatch, and Business Insider can drive traffic and credibility. Track mentions over time to see the ongoing effects.

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PR Wires Analytics

Leverage the detailed analytics within your PR Wires account to quantify release performance. View metrics like release views, click-throughs, downloads, and forwarded emails. See which headlines and calls to action resonate best. Check geographic and demographic data on who engaged with the release.

Closely monitoring these metrics provides tangible insights into how your press release performed. This enables informed decisions about whether additional distribution or follow-up outreach is needed to maximize the impact of your product launch announcement.

Timing Your Announcement

Choosing the right time to distribute your press release can make all the difference in garnering attention and interest. Consider timing your announcement to align with:

  • Industry conferences or events
  • Relevant cultural moments or current events
  • Your product launch or announcement
  • Milestones like anniversaries or new funding

You’ll also want to avoid releasing too close to major announcements from competitors or other companies in your industry. Give yourself enough breathing room from other big product launches or news events.

Aim to be the first to announce major news relevant to your company. If you’ve introduced a groundbreaking product or feature, a well-timed announcement could produce great media coverage before competitors have a chance to react.

In general, avoid releasing announcements on weekends or holidays when the news cycle is slow. Mondays and Tuesdays tend to be the most active. You can also try releasing mid-week to anchor attention before the weekend.

Work with your PR team or agency to identify the best release date on the calendar to maximize your announcement. With careful timing and a compelling press release, you can cut through the noise and get your message heard.

Press Release Do’s and Don’ts

When writing a press release, it’s important to follow some basic guidelines to ensure your announcement gets noticed by the media and your target audience. Here are some common mistakes to avoid as well as best practices to follow:

What Not to Do

  • Don’t make it all about you. The release should focus on the news, not self-promotion. Avoid overusing “we” and “our”.
  • Don’t exaggerate claims or use hyperbolic language. Stick to the facts.
  • Don’t include too much technical jargon. Write for a mainstream audience.
  • Don’t make it too salesy. It will come across as an ad, not news.
  • Don’t write vague headlines. Make them descriptive yet catchy.
  • Don’t blast releases randomly. Target media outlets who would care about your news.

Best Practices

  • Tailor the headline and lead to your audience. Highlight the most important info up top.
  • Include hard facts, statistics, or data to support your announcement.
  • Quote an executive to lend credibility and add a spokesperson.
  • Write in AP style in short paragraphs and active voice.
  • Include multimedia like images, charts, video links if possible.
  • Insert hyperlinks to your website and landing pages.
  • Close with a call to action and contact info for media to follow up.

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Getting Started with PR Wires

Getting started with PR Wires is easy and only takes a few steps:

  1. Create an account on the PR Wires website. You’ll need to provide some basic company information and set up billing.
  2. Once your account is set up, you can start submitting press releases. On your dashboard, click the “Submit Release” button.
  3. Fill out the online submission form with your release details:
  • Provide a title and subtitle
  • Write the body copy
  • Add images, videos, or other multimedia
  • Select your distribution categories and add keywords
  1. Review your release to confirm all details are correct. You can preview how your release will look on news sites.
  2. Choose your distribution date and time. You can distribute immediately or schedule it for a future date.
  3. Purchase your distribution package. Options range from statewide to national to global distribution.
  4. After purchase is complete, your release enters the distribution queue to be sent out on over 500 news sites and wire services.
  5. Monitor the results. Your PR Wires account provides tracking so you can see pick-up rates, clicks, and online readership.

With these simple steps, you can gain valuable exposure for your company’s product launches and announcements. PR Wires makes press release distribution fast, easy, and affordable.

FAQs about PR Wires’ Product Launch Press Release Distribution Service

  1. What is PR Wires’ Product Launch Press Release Distribution Service?
    • PR Wires’ Product Launch Press Release Distribution Service is a specialized offering designed to effectively disseminate press releases related to product launches. It leverages a combination of traditional PR distribution and targeted outreach to media outlets, ensuring optimal visibility for your product launch announcements.
  2. Why choose PR Wires for product launch press release distribution?
    • PR Wires is dedicated to connecting businesses with their target audience through a vast network of media outlets. Our service is tailored to enhance the reach and impact of your product launch news, ensuring it reaches the right audience within your industry and beyond.
  3. How does PR Wires ensure maximum coverage for product launch press releases?
    • PR Wires employs a strategic approach, utilizing a network of media outlets and platforms to distribute press releases. This targeted approach maximizes coverage, ensuring that your product launch news receives attention from relevant industry players, consumers, and potential customers.
  4. What makes PR Wires’ product launch press release distribution unique?
    • PR Wires stands out by offering a combination of PR distribution plans and targeted editorial placement. This ensures that your product launch press release not only reaches a broad audience through distribution but also gets featured on top-tier business, industry, and consumer websites for added visibility.
  5. Can I customize my product launch press release distribution plan with PR Wires?
    • Yes, PR Wires understands that each product launch is unique. We offer customizable press release distribution plans, allowing you to tailor the service to your specific needs and objectives. Whether you’re launching a new tech gadget, a fashion line, or any other product, we have a plan to suit your requirements.
  6. How does PR Wires handle global distribution for product launch press releases?
    • PR Wires ensures global reach by tapping into a diverse network of media outlets and platforms worldwide. Your product launch press release will be strategically distributed to reach audiences not only locally but also across borders, maximizing its impact on a global scale.
  7. What types of products can benefit from PR Wires’ distribution service?
    • PR Wires caters to a wide range of product launches, including consumer electronics, fashion, beauty, software, and more. Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, our service is designed to amplify your message and enhance your product’s visibility during its launch.
  8. How can I track the performance of my product launch press release with PR Wires?
    • PR Wires provides detailed reports offering insights into the performance of your product launch press release. Track metrics such as views, clicks, and engagement to assess the effectiveness of your distribution, allowing you to make informed decisions for future product launches.
  9. Is there a specific process for submitting a product launch press release with PR Wires?
    • PR Wires has a user-friendly submission process. Simply provide the necessary details about your product launch, and our team will guide you through the process. We ensure a seamless experience from submission to distribution, making it easy for you to share your exciting product news with the world.
  10. How can I get started with PR Wires’ product launch press release distribution service?
    • Getting started is easy. Reach out to PR Wires through our website, and our dedicated team will assist you in choosing the right distribution plan for your product launch. From there, we’ll work together to ensure your press release gets the attention it deserves within your industry and among your target consumers.

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