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Press Release Do’s and Dont’s

A Good Press Release Characteristics

A press release is a written document that is distributed to members of the news media to announce something that is ostensibly newsworthy. Make sure your PR newswire press release is interesting to the public. Editors usually issue PR release that will pique the public’s interest. The site moderators will reject plain articles with no news value or business wire press releases that are badly structured.

How is a good press release structured?

1)Title, summary, location, date, body, about us, and contact us are all required elements of a press release.

2)The title’s first letter must be capitalised. Each word in the title should have its first letter capitalised. There’s no need to capitalise linking terms like ‘the,”a,’an,’and,’or,’is,’was,’are,’were,’with,’for,’from,’to,’by,’of,’at,’in,’and so on.’

3)In a straightforward declarative statement, the title must announce the news. A question, exclamation, demand, instruction, counsel, or call to action cannot be used in the title.

4)The title must be at least 40 characters long and no more than 120 characters. A single sentence must be used.

5) Between the title and the main message body, put a two-line summary. In two or three short sentences, a summary should convey the core of the news to busy readers.

6) The wording must be followed by the location and date in the body of the pr news wire press release.

7) At least four paragraphs are required in the body of the press release. Each paragraph should consist of two to six sentences, preferably three or four.

8) A press release’s “About Us” section, which describes the company, must be the last paragraph.

9) Your PR wire press release should be written as though it were being reported by a third party. Maintain a professional tone throughout the news release and just include facts.

10)Except when referencing someone who says anything related to the news release, do not use first or second person pronouns like “I,” “We,” “Our,” “Us,” “You,” “Your.”

11)Scheduled events, staff promotions, awards, new products and services, sales accomplishments, new hiring, business expansion, survey results, and so on are all examples of news items that might be announced through a press release.

12)The publication of a press release distribution at the right time is crucial. It must be current and relevant news, not too old or too far away.

13)Posting irrelevant articles, tips, opinions, expert advice, biodata, and corporate profiles is prohibited. Sales letters, product catalogues, advertisements, or product promotion should not be sent.

14)Do not send a news release advocating illicit activities such as gambling, narcotics, internet fraud, openly sexual acts, pornography, or other similar activities.

15)Do not issue a news release on mundane activities.

16)External links should not be included in the title, synopsis, or first two lines of the press release body.

17)After the first three lines, three hyperlinks are allowed in the main message body.

18)There are a total of four appropriate industry, area, and news type categories that can be selected.

19)A “Contact us” part of a press release must include the contact name, organisation, address, email, phone number, and website.

20)Do not submit the same news release several times.

21)Do not use another company’s press release as your own.