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OliLux Biosciences Kickstarts a Partnership With the UCSF Center

OliLux Biosciences is partnering with the R2D2 TB Network and the UCSF Center for Tuberculosis to clinically evaluate and advance its novel rapid detection technology for drug-resistant tuberculosis.

OliLux Biosciences, a public benefit corporation committed to ending endemic diseases through affordable innovation, announced its new partnership with the Rapid Research in Diagnostics Development for TB Network (R2D2 TB Network), a network of tuberculosis (TB) experts that provide transparent and partner-engaged process for the identification, evaluation and advancement of promising TB diagnostics. This partnership was facilitated by the UCSF/QB3 Scale Up Your TB Diagnostic Solution Program.


OliLux’s key technology is a novel solvatochromic trehalose dye, DMN-Tre, uniquely designed for the visual detection of metabolically active TB-causing bacteria. In recent years, OliLux has commercialized DMN-Tre as a Research Use Only (RUO) reagent used in research laboratories worldwide. This new collaboration with the R2D2 TB Network seeks to facilitate further development of DMN-Tre as a next-generation drug susceptibility test reagent by clinically evaluating it in diverse and relevant study sites across the globe. Drug susceptibility test (DST) is critical in determining the appropriate treatment for every TB patient and has become increasingly important as the global burden of drug-resistant TB increases at an estimated 20% annually.


“We are very excited to partner with the R2D2 TB Network to advance the clinical evaluation and implementation of DMN-Tre”, said Dr. Mireille Kamariza, CEO of OliLux Biosciences. “DMN-Tre’s ability to rapidly report on drug sensitivity enables early detection of DR-TB, permitting its assessment within a day, instead of weeks.”


The R2D2 TB Network continually seeks to partner with innovators who are developing innovative solutions for TB diagnosis. In this particular collaboration, the Network will leverage their technical expertise and access to clinical study sites to advance DMN-Tre as a rapid drug-susceptibility test that can be used at lower levels of the health system to identify resistance to isoniazid, rifampin, fluoroquinolones and second line injectables.


“After reviewing OliLux BioSciences’ DMN-Tre, our team of diagnostic experts and researchers intends to confirm the technology’s potential for drug susceptibility testing. We are happy to lend our support to the company’s efforts to bring drug susceptibility testing closer to TB patients.” Through this collaboration, The R2D2 Network, OliLux, and their network of collaborators hope to accelerate and amplify access to effective tools for the detection, management, and eradication of drug resistant TB.


About OliLux Biosciences


OliLux Biosciences is a public benefit corporation founded to leverage scientific innovation to tackle global public health challenges. For more information, please visit, stay connected on LinkedIn, and follow @OliluxB on Twitter.


About The R2D2 TB Network


The Rapid Research in Diagnostics Development for TB Network (R2D2 TB Network) brings together various TB experts with highly experienced clinical study sites in 10 countries.

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