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Ocean Tomo Releases Autonomous Vehicle Industry Report

Ocean Tomo releases its Autonomous Vehicle Industry Report focused on the significant market opportunities and trends in this rapidly growing industry.

Ocean Tomo, LLC, released its Autonomous Vehicle Industry Report examining the components of market value, challenges and changes in the autonomous vehicle marketplace, and the increasingly critical role intellectual property (IP) licensing is playing in the industry. The report is available to download here. “Investment and research in the Autonomous Vehicles Industry are expanding. Traditional automobile manufacturers and tech companies are continuing to pursue strategic relationships to advance their goals of developing and commercializing Autonomous Vehicle technology,” notes Ocean Tomo Autonomous Vehicle Industry Analyst Chris Stearns. “With enhanced product complexity and growing functional integrations, the IP mesh in autonomous vehicles bridges numerous technologies from automotive and non-automotive industries.” He adds, “Technologies, including cameras, semiconductors, radar and lidar sensors, network infrastructure, and many others, combining in new ways further complicate IP licensing in this industry.”


Ryan Zurek, a Managing Director who leads Ocean Tomo’s Advisory Services, comments on the report noting: “while traditional automotive OEMs dominate the patent filings in the autonomous vehicle space, automation technology disrupters, including Tesla, Apple, Qualcomm, and others, continue to outperform both the market and traditional OEMs and OEM suppliers. “


Ocean Tomo Autonomous Vehicle Industry Analyst Tucker Goebeler observes, “the rapid growth in the autonomous vehicle industry requires businesses in this space to consider how to best protect their innovations in the market using intellectual property. As new technology continues to be developed in the coming years, intellectual property will become a key asset for the players in this industry.”


Ocean Tomo Industry Reports share unique insights related to technology and the intellectual property driving business value. The reports reflect on leading market participants, current industry trends, and important deal activity. The reports provide industry predictions, emerging industry partnerships, and analysis of intellectual property protection considerations. Daniel Principe oversees the creation of Industry Reports for Ocean Tomo and covers Cybersecurity for the firm. Dan shares, “the updated Autonomous Vehicles Industry Report highlights the importance of IP in a high-tech industry demonstrating Ocean Tomo’s unique understanding of the industry through the lens of the intellectual property and other intangible assets that enable market participants.”


In 2018 Ocean Tomo launched a series of Industry Analyst Reports providing a comprehensive look at current industry trends and deal activity. As a financial advisor focusing on technology and intellectual property (IP), Ocean Tomo has gained unique insights from more than 1000 engagements involving more than 150 industry segments. This experience has allowed us to understand the nuances of intellectual property protection, valuation and monetization across industries. Our reports currently examine the following industries: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Cannabis, Cybersecurity, Federal Use of Technology, IP Licensing Companies, IP Market Support Services, and Semiconductors. You can learn more about the industries covered by Ocean Tomo at


To learn more, download the Autonomous Vehicle Industry Report or contact Chris Stearns (+1 312 327 8033 | or Tucker Goebeler (+1 312 377 4850 |


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