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Nicehash Software ‘Fully Unlocks’ Nvidia’s Hashrate Reducing Technology

On Saturday, the cryptocurrency mining platform Nicehash revealed the company has “fully [unlocked] Nvidia’s [Lite Hash Rate]” graphic processing units (GPUs). Nicehash says the firm’s Quickminer mining software is the first protocol that can unlock LHR GPU cards by 100%.

The GPU manufacturer’s competitor AMD also introduced the first GPU dedicated to cryptocurrency mining called the AMD Navi 12. When Nvidia introduced the LHR technology it applied the protocol to three of its proprietary GPU cards.

However, at that time, the reports noted that the miners bypassed the LHR tech by a fraction. The announcement Nicehash made on Saturday claims the Quickminer mining software removes LHR reducers by 100%.

What do you think about Nicehash claiming that its software can fully unlock Nvidia’s LHR GPU cards so people can mine with them? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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