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New Brand Heybike Reached Sales Record in 2021

Since its establishment in 2021, this company has invested a lot of resources to develop and improve electric transport products that are reliable and user-oriented. Only in over seven months, Heybike has sold more than 15,000 electric bikes. And its sales growth came at a time when the whole e-bike market reached the sales record. Nowadays, their electric bicycles have become popular among young people and even the old. Also, domestic and foreign markets approve of Heybike. The rapid growth shown by Heybike is unprecedented for all e-bike startups.

Founder Jasion experienced and witnessed the hardships faced by commuting while he was working a few years ago. He was always late for work. He wanted to change, he created commuting tools: electric bikes. After a decade of working and researching in the outdoor cycling tools industry, Jasion and William met and set out the first bike: Cityscape Electric Cruiser Bike to help people commute more conveniently and seamlessly integrate into everyone’s life. One day, one of our fans come and tell Jasion: “Why is your bike can not foldup? So that I can travel at weekend with my son.” So the second bike: Mars Fat Tire Electric bike came out. A special type of fat tire e-bike that folds down for easier transportation, can take that ride-everywhere fun on the go.

“People come and go in your life. We want them to be the right one and stay,” CEO Jasion Said.

Heybike has a complete production line from vehicle ID to structure design, such as the design of power lithium battery system, motor electronic control power system, and fast technical advantages. What’s more, the company has multiple distribution warehouses in the United States and cooperates with FEDEX to provide rapid distribution services, which makes customers receive their e-bike packages in the shortest time.

Cityscape, Heybike’s first electric bicycle for urban commuting and leisure activities, has won the love of many female users. This model has two colors, a classic design, stable and comfortable riding experiences, and a multi-functional display. Then, Heybike launched a foldable fat-tire e-bike MARS to ride in all terrains. This bike has so big battery capacity that can travel for a long time after a full charge. MARS is a good choice for those people who want to use their bikes in multiple scenarios, like commuting and outdoor off-road.

Regarding the development of the next step, Heybike said that it would insist on customer orientation, committing to providing customers with better pre-sales and after-sales services to promise customers to have a more convenient shopping process. And the company guaranteed that it would launch more models and services in the future.

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