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New Book Release: Live Your Humanity – How to Reconnect With Basic Human Values to Live a Life of Meaning and Connection

Morgan James’ new release, Live Your Humanity: Activate Your Innate Human Values for a Meaningful and Connected Life, by Ron Hammond, helps readers overcome certain life obstacles by connecting with the human values they already have to live a life of meaning and connection.

Live Your Humanity details how integrity, kindness, compassion and love are aspects of life that go dormant when people stop using and nurturing them, leading to living a life of judgment and fear. By teaching how to overcome this struggle, Live Your Humanity promotes the development of strong connections in life and bolsters cohesion and community.

Live Your Humanity chronicles how joy is the anchor to establishing permanent peace and enlightens the reader on how changing their thoughts positively impacts their viewpoints. Eroding long-held beliefs and assumptions about other people that may not be true, Live Your Humanity fosters love for the self and all people.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Ron Hammond, please contact Ron Hammond at or (720) 252-5112.

About the Author:

After a 25-year career in Corporate Finance, Ron Hammond is now focusing his efforts on helping people understand how their thoughts about themselves and others affect their connections. Born and raised in Virginia, Ron now lives in Denver, CO, where he holds a private pilot license and enjoys skiing, biking and reading in his free time.


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