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NEDHSA deploys mobile health clinic to increase health care access in Region 8

Northeast Delta Human Services Authority (NEDHSA) has deployed a state-of-the-art mobile health clinic to increase access to critical mental health,

Northeast Delta Human Services Authority (NEDHSA) has deployed a state-of-the-art mobile health clinic to increase access to critical mental health, addiction services, and primary healthcare screenings in Louisiana’s Delta. This mobile health asset is part of NEDHSA’s Integrated Healthcare deployment model.


NEDHSA Executive Director Dr. Monteic A. Sizer said the agency has been listening to the needs of the region’s people and working to develop the relationships and resources needed to improve population health in the area for more than eight years.


While NEDHSA has worked to provide quality and competent health care, transportation has been a constant negative social determinant barrier to the agency’s Integrated Healthcare services.


“We understand that too many people struggle with health care access, hesitancy, and various negative social determinants of health,” Dr. Sizer said. “We recognize how negative social determinants of health drive poor patient outcomes. This mobile health clinic solution speaks to our resolve to solve problems and is another example of keeping our word relative to our region’s vulnerable populations.”


Dr. Sizer said NEDSHA has established an array of innovative programs and services to help meet complex patient needs and added that NEDHSA’s award-winning integrated behavioral and primary health care model “was created with this complexity in mind.”


“We are determined to meet people where they are,” Dr. Sizer said. “If it means knocking on client doors, canvassing neighborhoods, and working more collaboratively with faith, business, primary care, education, housing, and community leaders, we intend to do it because we promised we would.”


NEDHSA will deploy the mobile health clinic in the rural areas throughout the region and to areas where there are barriers to public transportation. The mobile health clinic will be safely secured and stationed in a highly trafficked centralized space known to the local community for 5-day periods with the necessary staff to perform its Integrated Healthcare services and treatment.


The deployment of the mobile health clinic is also another opportunity for NEDHSA to provide further service following recent Rise Above Stigma town hall sessions in the region. NEDHSA’s Rise Above Stigma initiative aims to help increase access to behavioral health support services, provide mental health awareness, and offer other culturally and linguistically appropriate training for the twelve-parish communities in northeast Louisiana.


Dr. Sizer said that when NEDHSA’s patients shared not having employment opportunities, the agency created Second Opportunity Workforce Solutions. When they mentioned not having a place to live, NEDHSA established transitional housing opportunities. When they said they had food insecurities, the agency partnered with the Food Bank of NELA; and transportation challenges, NEDHSA built telehealth capabilities and is now deploying a fully equipped mobile health clinic.


Dr. Sizer added: “No single program or agency has all the answers, so we must work hard to remove governmental silos and programmatic inefficiencies. That’s why we’re willing to help develop the best approach to reaching the community for optimum success. Utilizing the motto ‘Opportunities for all and partiality shown to none.'”

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