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Murrieta Soccer Academy and City of Murrieta Announce Plans

First of its kind development of a fully equipped soccer-focused complex.

 Murrieta Soccer Academy (MSA), one of the most elite youth soccer clubs in the United States, recently announced plans to partner with the City of Murrieta to build and operate a one-of-a-kind youth soccer complex. This facility is posed to be the leading soccer training facility in the region and offer youth of all ages and abilities premier opportunities for personal growth and athletic advancement. The Murrieta City Council has conceptually approved the project and the two agencies are actively working on finalizing a formal agreement and securing funding for this state-of-the-art facility.


“We are thrilled that the efforts between the City of Murrieta and MSA have led to this exciting announcement and are poised to develop a long sought-after soccer complex here in Murrieta. This is more than adding fields. This project adds the elements needed to continue building an elite program, a program with an environment that is focused on player development at all levels, while providing pathways for the most advanced players. We look forward to the positive impact it will have on our community.”


President of Murrieta Soccer Academy – Rob Hawkes


This community-based, soccer-focused High-Performance Athletic Complex is to be modelled after major European soccer academies that have demonstrated a proven track record of consistent success in the development of top-level soccer players throughout the last century. This complex is slated to house roughly a 15,000 square foot building with a fully equipped gym, sports medicine rehabilitation facility, team tactics and film viewing classroom, coaches’ planning and tactics room, community lounge, food and beverage outlet, professional locker room, and offices for facility management and operation. In addition to the high-performance center, there are plans to build six full-sized regulation soccer fields, remote restrooms, approximately 400 on-site parking spaces, and a maintenance facility.


Murrieta Soccer Academy is a community focused youth soccer organization that offers every level of play from beginners to the most elite, nationally operated, leagues (MLS Next and Girls Academy, Elite Academy League, Development Player League, SoCal League, and MYSL Recreation). MSA is focused on developing an atmosphere of inclusion, by providing a unique pathway for each individual athlete through a holistic approach that creates increased opportunities. MSA has a clear goal to help each athlete become the best version of themselves, while maintaining agreed values of Integrity, Hard Work, Professional Standards, and Direct Communication. MSA is inspired by their community, driven by passion and they remain focused on serving the athlete as their priority.


“We are delighted to announce plans for the new facility. MSA continues to raise the levels of our elite program which is designed to help and inspire ALL youth soccer players in the entire Inland Valley to dream big. Whether your ambition is to play professional, college, high school, or just experience a fun team environment, this facility will cater to everyone as it encompasses a holistic approach to the development of our players. 


The vision has always been to build a true soccer academy in every sense which would give every aspiring young soccer player the opportunity to experience similar benefits any professional soccer club academy around the world offers. 


Not only are we focused on producing high level elite soccer players, we are also very much dedicated to developing an environment that also prepares our youth players for life beyond soccer.” 


Head of MSA Soccer Operations – Steve Myles


Navigating the dynamics of culture and helping to create an even playing field is not an easy task; however, MSA has developed tangible solutions that speak both to current challenges and lead to necessary changes. This is a major step in the right direction toward a healthier, more inclusive, and authentic connection with the surrounding soccer community.


City of Murrieta Assistant City Manager Ivan Holler shared the City’s support for the project. “The concept of having a facility like this in Murrieta is very exciting. Residents will benefit from having a premier soccer complex in their community and the City recognizes the multitude of benefits that can come from welcoming visitors to the area to participate in training and tournaments here in Murrieta.”

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