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Mr. Wu Huapeng Being Appointed as the Group CEO, Pilot the Group in New Development

On February 25, the leading carrier-neutral hyperscale data center solution provider in Asia-Pacific emerging markets - Chindata Group officially announced that Mr. Wu Huapeng,

On February 25, the leading carrier-neutral hyperscale data center solution provider in Asia-Pacific emerging markets – Chindata Group officially announced that Mr. Wu Huapeng, former China President of the Group, was appointed as the Group’s CEO, in full charge of the Group’s strategic planning, organization management and business development, with immediate effect.



Chindata Group’s Board of Directors notes: “The appointment was made after thorough consideration and comprehensive evaluation. The Board recognizes Mr Wu’s ability and his contributions to the Group’s strategic insight, management expertise, business contribution and industrial resource. We will fully support Mr. Wu’s leadership and management work as the Group’s CEO.”


Jonathan Zhu, Managing Director of Bain Capital (Asia) notes: “Mr. Wu has extensive resources and profound influence in the Internet ecosystem. We have sufficient confidence that under the leadership of Mr. Wu, Chindata Group’s business will be more diversified, its culture will be more open, and its foundation will be more solid, so as to realize the continuous progress from 10 to 100”


Joined Chindata Group in 2019 as President of Chindata China, standing by the “grow together, mutual success” principle, Mr. Wu has built a pioneering “four-in-one” ecosystem of digital, economy and industry around customers, ecological partners, telecom operators and the government, and made profound breakthrough in the group’s client diversification, continuous strong business growth and advanced strategic layout.


Before joining Chindata Group, Mr. Wu has made versatile achievements in his career. He is the founder of iTechClub Internet Technology Elite Club and the 1024 Academy, served as Vice President of Phoenix New Media and CTO of He also served as the executive director of China Computer Users Association, and was elected as a member of AETDEW (Academy of Engineering and Technology for Developing Countries). In his more than 20 years’ excellent management experience in the Internet industry, Mr. Wu always focus on restructuring the ecological value of China’s computing industry. Throughout his career, he has been continuously devoted to top-level IT architecture design of China’s Internet industry, advocating the significance of technology advancement in China’s digital era. Mr. Wu has influenced and inspired countless senior Internet talents and is recognized as the “headmaster” by the industry and its practitioner.


Mr. Wu Huapeng expressed his gratitude for the recognition and trust of the Board of Directors. “I am honored to shoulder the management responsibility of Chindata Group, an excellent data center enterprise, and looking forward to the close cooperation with the board of directors and management team in the future”, quoted Mr. Wu, “at the same time, based on the prominent advantages and industry influence of Chindata Group in products, technology, business model and talent team, we are confident in providing customers with better than expected high-quality services, providing employees with better opportunities, and creating more long period value for our shareholders.”


In the future, captained by the new CEO Mr. Wu Huapeng, Chindata Group will continue to focus on its core IDC business, as well as making efforts in areas such as siting and development of key computing nodes under the “East Data West Computing” policies, overseas business development, renewable energy development. Chindata Group will deeply dig the needs of customers, continuously improve the products and solutions, consolidate the ecological cooperation system, therefore to enter into a new stage of development and achieve brand new development goals.


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