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MistPlay Review: Legit or Scam Way To Make Money Online

Playing games is what everyone does but earning from those games is not done by everyone. In fact, not everyone knows that they can earn money by playing simple games. If you have heard about MistPlay before then you are a lucky one.

MistPlay is a highly promoted mobile app game but do you know if it is legit or not? Where they are located? Who can join them? How much you can earn? Don’t worry we are here to help you.

In this Mistplay review, we are going to find answers to the above questions so stay tuned till last.

MistPlay App is a platform that allows users to earn some extra money for playing games and completing different tasks These tasks can be surveys or something else.

For playing games you will earn points, earning points depends on each game and the loyalty of players.

MistPlay was founded in 2015 by Henri Charles Machalani, as of now it is available for Android devices only through Google Play Store. So if you are not an Android user then this is not for you.

To date users earned here more than $22,587,124.

Users play games and platforms reward them with points and these points can be used to redeem for gift cards, steam credit, amazon gift cards, etc.

It doesn’t pay you direct money through Paypal but you can use your Gift Cards to purchase products or you can sell Gift Cards online for cash. (Now they started allowing users to withdraw their earned money in PayPal)

Join MistPlayto join them.

They do not specify any restrictions but there are some restrictions that you should know before joining them. Let’s check them out.

If you think you are complying with the above restrictions then you are good to go with them.

Once you enter in MistPlay app you will find different games to play, ad once you start playing the game you will start earning points, what they call Points is Units.

You can earn units that you can convert or redeem at any time. Earning depends on you and how much time you spend on each game.

Different games are there which you can play to earn points, not only that there are some other games which you can play to earn points.

The playtime of each game varies from two to five minutes, and there are some requirements for each game.

Game Experience Points or GXPs represents the time a user spends on the game. The more time you spend playing games on Mistplay the more GXPs you will earn. GXP earning also depends on your profile level. Users with high-level profiles are able to earn more GXPs.

Winning or losing doesn’t affect here much, what effect is the time you spend on each game.

If you are playing a good game in any specific game then you will earn PXP. Also, GXP earning depends on your PXP points. The more PXPs you have the more GPXs you will earn every minute.

Also, PXP helps you to earn Units once you level up.

Units are their own virtual currency like most platforms do have points they have Units. You can redeem this unit for different Gift Cards like Amazon gift cards.

The more you play games the more you earn Units. It is suggestible that you should redeem as soon as possible, holding for a long time may lose your wallet.

Gaming companies like to get feedback from the audience it is not easy for them to find a dedicated audience hence sites like MistPlay plays an important role here.

Game developers or companies do pay Mistplay for advertising and getting feedback from players.

In past, it was offering only gift cards but now they allow anyone to withdraw using Paypal as well. The minimum withdrawal is $25 or 7500 Points.

It supports gift cards including Amazon, Visa, MasterCard, Google Play, Xbox, Uber Eats, Starbucks, eBay, iTunes, Spotify, and H&M clothing giftcards

MistPlay is a 100% legit platform to earn money for playing games. Let’s check out some public reviews first, after all, it all depends on what current users are saying about them.

On TrustPilot they have a rating of 2.0 out of 5 from 127 users. Most users say that users are not able to pass verification and withdrawals are a bit late.

On Play Store they have a rating of 4.2 out of 5 from 268K users. Reviewers with negative reviews have reported that the app is not working properly and there is a lack of customer support.

MistPlay is no doubt the best place to earn some extra money but if you are thinking that you can earn huge money then you are wrong, MistPlay can help you to earn around $20 to $60 per month or more but it can’t help you o earn $200 each month.

It is better suited for those who just want to spend their free time, playing small games is the best way to do time pass and when you get some free money from it then nothing is wrong.

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