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Mint Your Lucky Number NFT Domain Exclusively at Quik․com Like 888․metaverse is offering minting of NFT domains, which will allow users to host their decentralized web pages and even change their digital wallet’s heavy addresses, while the evolving virtual universe, the decentralized web3, and its related technologies are still in the early stages of adaptation. Users will have the opportunity to obtain their lucky number as the race has just begun.

Minting NFT domains is more than just a trend; it’s an innovative possibility that optimizes blockchain technology and enables users to construct decentralized websites with full control and ownership over the data and content.

as opposed to conventional domains that are run, controlled, and even licensed by the ICANN regulatory body. It permits the user to buy a domain but does not transfer the actual ownership. Users are the actual owners of the domain, but the main authority in charge is the centralized authority, which controls the content policies and user management. This central authority also creates a limited boundary, preventing users from crossing it and from exploring outside of it.

The ability to transform your hefty wallet address and its random algorithm to a human-readable name with major TLDs available in the Quik ecosystem is another option that becomes available once you mint your NFT domain on

Numerology is a popular belief among consumers, and having your lucky number in your wallet is something that everyone in the digital market needs. Users can now create their first lucky number NFT domain through, such as 888.metaverse or 123.web3, rather than relying on chance digits from purchasing or creating a wallet.

What is the concept of “lucky number” in NFT domains?

The idea of a lucky number is a religious or a spiritual belief attached to a digit or number in the hope that it will bring luck and happiness if attached to a bike, automobile, house number, mobile number, and now, similarly for a digital wallet with the use of NFT domains offered by

The use of numbers has been ingrained in human civilization for years and is still widely used today, The number idea accentuates the digit’s positivism and trust since it indicates luck for consumers. The 777 jackpot ideology and 007 James Bond are well-known examples.

Single digits have a higher market value. If a user’s lucky number is 7 and they want to purchase 7.metaverse, all they need to do is go to, search for the seven-digit for minting, and if it is available, mint it. If not, they can search for the owner in the registry of and try to negotiate with them to get this special NFT domain for their digital wallet or host a decentralized website.

Advocates contend that having the lucky number alone has different effects on users than pairing it with a digit; similarly, digits up to 100 numbers will unquestionably be worth more. If a user’s lucky number is 76 but that number isn’t accessible since it was previously printed and the owner doesn’t want to sell or haggle, they can try 7676. Metaverse Also, there is yet another trick available for users to get their single fortunate number without tripling it.

A Quick Trick

Users can now more easily get their lucky number 76 domain since offers several top-level domains in a range of categories. If the .metaverse is down, users can try other domains to see if they’re up, such as 76.doge or 76.bored. Users must act swiftly since the minting process is gaining in popularity and there are limited opportunities for users to acquire these domains.

Additionally, creating NFT domains on mimics the quick ecosystem, quick transactions, and also a quick opportunity for users to either change their random wallet address to their desired wallet number name or to obtain their lucky number as an NFT domain, both of which will eventually have an impact on their wallets and also spiritually prosper their luck as what having a lucky number means.

It also has a practical and emotional connection

Major investors and cryptocurrency collectors believe that numerical domains have the greatest potential for people to attract and recall than any keyword domain.Every digit has a purpose, and each user’s purpose may be different. For some, the number 5 is lucky, while for others, it is unlucky. Perhaps every human mind is distinct, resulting in a distinct purpose for each digit.

Users will eventually remember your brand and content because it has a numeric domain, which makes it easy for them to remember due to its desirability. For example, the number 133 appears unexpectedly, and a user immediately recalls a website with the 133 NFT domain and the content it contains. Similar to how James Bond immediately comes to mind when the number 007 is spoken.

The most convenient and straightforward method for marketers to implant their brand in consumers’ thoughts and develop a global image is through numerical domains. Human memory is capable of recalling events, behaviors, or feelings through numerical data. It could be a person’s birth date, birth year, or anything else that makes them emotionally tied to numbers.

Everyone on the globe regardless of language is emotionally attracted to numbers since they not only convey luck but also foster mental associations. Similar to 0101, which stands for the first day of the first month, numerical domains are much simpler for human brains to recall.

Now is the ideal time for users to secure one of these rare numerical NFT domains and attach their lucky number to their wallet or decentralized website, since as the time ticks by, so does the number of sales.




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